Janet Jackson photoshops Glastonbury Festival lineup poster to make herself the first headliner


This week, the iconic rock band The Cure played to thousands of fans in South Africa at packed venues in Jozi and Cape Town. The Cure’s touring didn’t end here in SA of course with one of the bands next stops being the headliners of one of the biggest rock festivals in the world, Glastonbury in the UK.

But someone else has decided to steal the spotlight of the number one headliner of Glastonbury Festival – Janet Jackson! While she was listed in the tier of headliners, Miss Jackson simply wasn’t satisfied. Three days after the festival shared their lineup poster announcing the final two headliners – The Killers and The Cure- Jackson also shared the festival poster, except she had edited her name to be the very first one.

Take a look at both posts below. Read more viral content right here.


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