Jameson Whiskey launches skincare range in SA including beard oil and face mousse


The alcohol industry is looking to diversify amid the devasting effects of the pandemic and all the subsequent lockdowns. Earlier this year, alcohol maker Distell announced they would be branching out and investing in the cannabis industry while Flying Fish made a move into fashion last year.

Now, Irish whiskey brand Jameson has just launched a skincare range exclusively in South Africa. The brand is called Beatha, inspired by the Irish phrase “water of life” and consists of three products – a restorative face mousse, hydrating face oil and beard oil.

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The products are also infused with Jameson Whiskey as well as barley and “top skincare ingredients” according to the brand.

“We pride ourselves on creating a whiskey that’s triple distilled, remarkably smooth and unmistakably Jameson,” the company said in a statement on its website. “Now, we’re broadening our horizons with Beatha, a skincare range made with the same craftsmanship as our quality whiskey.”

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