Jagermeister Pool Party In Mexico Goes Wrong With Killer Smoke

jagermeister pool party smoke

To your average Joe a Jagermeister pool party in a cooking hot Mexico sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. Nine times out of ten you would leave the party feeling like you’ve just won the lottery but unfortunately for some of the people that were in attendance, their party ended with a stay in hospital.

The party, held in Leon in the Guanajuato State of Mexico, started off fine and went swimmingly up until the point when the event’s organisers attempted to create some “atmosphere” by pouring liquid nitrogen into the pool (for that smokey effect). Sadly, none of them were chemists and the smoke that was produced after the liquid nitrogen mixed with the chlorine in the pool was toxic. People started passing out and drowning and 9 people ended up in the hospital with a 21 year old still there in a coma. Mexican officials have launched an investigation and in a statement from Jagermesiter headquarters in Germany, company officials said that they were working closely with event organisers and authorities to determine what happened-

“We fully support responsible drinking and adhere to the guidelines within each market in which we operate,”

– said Jagermeister officials in their statement.

Pretty crazy stuff. Just because it looks cool doesn’t that it won’t kill you…

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