Jack Parow – Merry Xmas

One of our main brasse, Jack Parow has just got himself into the festive spirit with the release of his brand new video called “Merry Xmas”. In typical Jack Parow fashion he comes up with some tasty little rhymes including this one- which has to be my favourite!

Gee my Gamon, Gee my Boud, Gee my Christmas koek… (watch the video and you’ll get it). The video was shot in Durban and produced by long-time friend Warren Haviside, from ad agency and production house SUGAR. The hook sounds lank familiar as well… I just cant place where I’ve heard it before.

I think it’s a pretty rad song and I’m sure it’s going to join the likes of Eksie Ou up at number 1 on the music charts in just a couple of weeks.



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