Its Youth Day tomorrow lets Burn Rubber at Fiction

So tonight marks the eve of Youth Day in South Africa… Apart from this being a very special day to remember the youth who were part of the mission to get this country to where it is now today- HOSTING AFRICA’s FIRST WORLD CUP- the night does offer one hell of an excuse to party.

All of the cities across the country are filled with tourists and we at MyCityByNight feel that it is our (you too!) civic duty to show them a superb time!! We’re going pretty huge tonight and definately not holding back any of the GEES.

untamed youth 150610

Tommy Gun– one of the smoothest djs out there, decreed that Fiction tonight will be the place to come lose your grip and burn some rubber (see what i did there, the party is called Burn Rubber and… ok nevermind) in Cape Town. I am 100% sure that the queue will be absolutely epic for this one so I suggest that all those without the powers needed to avoid such atrocities to get there earlyish.

The line-up for this installment of Untamed Youth features Popskarr, Haasbroek+ VGA (who’s having a bday today I hear) and not to forget Tommy Gun.

Entry is 30 bucks before 12 and 40 thereafter and they’ll be having their usually awesome 10 rand drinks specials- SHOW DEM.

Check out the FB event page over HERE for full details…

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