its work… not play


Sometimes I really have to remind myself, that I am in fact at work and that I need to tone down my naughty. Sometimes this is difficult… if you put people in a building together for 5 days a week something is eventually going to go down (ha!). I really don’t know what it is, but there aren’t many things more exciting than a sneaky undercover office romance… So what do you do when there’s a guy or girl that you really fancy at work?? In those times when you absolutely can’t avoid indulging in an office romance, here are some things to keep in mind and consider before you restock each others’ printer ink cartridges.

You will never ever be able tell anyone else about your sneaky office romance (except your best friend… and your dog).

It will be difficult not to flirt and touch each other at work: co-workers will spot excessive touchiness from a mile away and you’ll be busted.

You will need to, at some point decide what it is you are actually involved in- whether it’s serious or just a bit of fun at the office. Often an office romance can get complicated and if things go South (maybe not a good choice of words) you could get accused of sexual harassment by the vengeful other party. South African labour law generally doesn’t view workplace sex offenders in a very good light.

Also- make very sure that your office crush is single… being a swooper is not for everyone.


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