It’s Official – You Can’t Train A Crocodile (WATCH)

It's Official - You Can't Train A Crocodile (WATCH)

I never did quite understand why people are so obsessed with trying to train wild animals to perform tricks for the amusement of others, especially when the animal in question is something as wild as a crocodile. These things are literally the closest thing to dinosaurs that still exist in the modern world, which is why trying to train them is questionable at the very least.

The footage below was shot in Ko Samui, Thailand and the filmer had this to say about it after uploading the clip to Youtube:

A man performs free crocodile show for six people. Wasn’t meant to go ahead. He was showing off previous wounds From Bangkok including a missing finger from his last trick where an accident occurred. Watch until the end.

No prizes for guessing what happens after he sticks his head between the creature’s jaws:

Ja hey, I reckon it’s time for a bit of a career change for that guy (if he’s even able to do anything after getting his head chowed by a crocodile).

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