It’s New Years Eve – Here’s our guide to getting lucky!

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At the risk of sounding like someone who has taking the task of getting in touch with my “feelings” a little bit too seriously, I’m going to offer up some advice for your New Years Eve aimed at ensuring that you have the best chance at getting lucky, that is based loosely on the film Love Actually. If you’ve seen the film, then you will realize the significance of New Year’s Eve for all of the single ladies and gentlemen out there. The whole premise of the movie is about lovers finding each other through coincidence, luck and fate leading towards New Year’s Eve. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you can relate to the love story and the day/night itself, having at one point or the other having been in a very similar situation. However, this year, it’s going to be different – you’ll be prepared, having read this article. The following tips are by no means a guarantee of success, but they will increase your probability of scoring a kiss (at bare minimum) on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s lay out the whole scene, it has three acts; pre-party, party, and post-party:

First Act: Pre-Party

Location: An ideal location has to have a balance of right ingredients; it must be vibrant, have good ambience but not too loud, have reasonably priced drinks, a mix of people you know and then don’t know just yet and most importantly be safe and secure – there’s no need to go and party in the depths of a riot where the streets are literally on fire if you’re from Houghton. At this point, you’re probably going to be looking at either a bar or a house party.

Goal/ Purpose: Here the intent should be well thought-out; searching for that one snog is probably not going to work, as you will ultimately become desperate and give off negative vibes, which we can all pick up on. However, everyone loves a girl or guy who is capable of having fun – be fun and you will appear relaxed and that will inevitably increase your confidence. Having fun is the ultimate goal (for now).

Wardrobe and Entourage: Pick the rights clothes, in the same way that you will when picking your group of friends to surround yourself with for the night – there’s no need to run solo here and they’ll make it easier to have fun. Clothes in this regard say a lot and this is one department you have to get it right. For the ladies, keep it provocative, interesting and chic. For the guys, groom properly; shower, trim, shave or manscape, keep it clean and stylish. As for the group you pick, keep it drama free.

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Second Act: Party

Observe: Scout the crowd and location; take mental notes of what you see. You must remember to avoid certain types of people on the night that could potentially throw you off – a muscled out boet infatuated with his own reflection or slutty bindt with an accent more grating than nails on a chalkboard are the types to look out for. When you sense a negative vibe, steer yourself into the other direction.

Approach your potential partner once you have picked up on subtle cues like locking eyes, laughing, touching of the hair, flirting, and always smile upon eye contact. Drink, dance and if there’s a little bit of a vibe, find a little secluded nook to neck when the clock strikes midnight – just go for it, if they’re with you at this stage they’re more than likely open to “getting to know” you a little bit more.

Third Act: Post-Party

This is the home stretch, and you are in the driver’s seat for pole position. Make sure the person you’re with is still keen by taking the make-out session a little bit further along (whether in time or approach) and if that is a yes, you are on course for a happy ending. Keep in mind that the goal is to fun and finding the midnight kiss is already the cherry on top – with anything coming after that being complete bonus points. At this stage if things do end up in the bedroom/car/kitchen/garden/bathroom, remember to keep it safe with the host of products on offer from Durex, because lets be honest you probably want to avoid getting an std or having a kid with someone that you don’t really know better than a bar of soap.

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I forget why I even referenced Love Actually to begin with, but sincerely hope that at least some of the above helps you get closer to finding a soul mate/someone to spoon with this New Years Eve.

Good luck!

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