It’s International Coastal Cleanup Day this week – Here’s how you can get involved

Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay

This Saturday on 21 September 2019, over 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the world will come together as part of a commitment to Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) to collect and document the trash littering the world’s coastlines.

In 2017 the global data collected by the Ocean Conservancy revealed that 789 thousand people collected roughly 9300 tonnes of waste over 30472 Kilometres of coastline. In South Africa alone, the cleanup saw over 16298 volunteers participate with 4755 of those volunteers recording what was collected.

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Aside from just the cleanup, South Africa will join the ICCD in launching the Source to Sea Programme as well as announcing the new cycle of the Working for the Coast program. According to South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs, the theme for plastics will also be carried through.

How you can get involved this Saturday:
1. You can start by downloading Ocean Conservancy’s app called Clean Swell to document the trash you collect. This is done for the Ocean Conservancy to collect data on trash in the ocean.

2. Also, see Ocean Conservancy’s interactive map to find a coastal cleanup near you. Events are also advertised on Facebook so just search for a cleanup near you and show up on Saturday and start collecting and documenting.

Image by Jürgen Jester from Pixabay

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