It’s Hockey vs. Soccer This Week on Reddit.

It’s no secret to football fans and non-fans alike that the very talented and passionate Euro players often love to lay the drama sauce on thick in the event of just about anything that goes down on the field – Cristiano Ronaldo still being the “oscar-holding-player” in this department to this very day.

The act of a player purposely falling to the ground and possibly feigning an injury to gain an unfair advantage is known as “flopping”  in the USA and “diving” in Europe and is something we really wish these grown men would stop doing.

In this December 2016 comparison video revoted up on Reddit this week (including the video below that) depicts the vastly different reactions and showmanship between the two sports and their coaches like the first video featuring  Pascal Dupraz (Toulouse FC) and Barry Trotz (Washington Capitals).

This week Reddit seems to be on a Football vs Hockey sportsmen campaign uploading content comparing the showmanship on display between the different sports and their players – dig into the drama below and get ready to giggle.

Hockey VS. EU Football


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