It’s #EFC35 Fight Week – Win DOUBLE Tickets!


2 title fights and 3 tension filled main card bouts headline Cape Town’s massive event this Thursday.

Join us at GrandWest for the ultimate sport entertainment experience. Watch live, support your favourites, let your inhibitions go and make some noise.

Cape Town’s MMA Juggernaut will look to defend his title for the second time in front of his home crowd. His opponent Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels is as determined and focused as ever. Heavyweights Christophe Walravens and Brendon Groenewald are vying for the vacant title belt in what promises to be a heavy hitting affair. World Muay Thai champion Irshaad Sayed goes head-to-head against the dangerous ground fighter, Abdul Hassan, in search of the title shot. Irishman Peter Queally makes his EFC debut against the incredibly durable Francois Kabulu, and Shaun De Lange returns to the Hexagon after his phenomenal ‘fight of the night’ performance to face Bruno Mukulu. Plus 7 action packed prelim bouts conclude one of the most anticipated fight cards in EFC history. Full fight card is attached.

EFC 35 Weigh-In
Witness the athletes hitting the scales and facing off ahead of fight night. Entrance is free of charge, and, as always, huge EFC merchandise giveaways will take place.
Date: Wednesday 5 November
Time: 14:00 – 15:00
Venue: Market Hall, GrandWest, Cape Town

EFC 35 Fight Night
Date: Thursday 6 November 2014
Time: Prelim bouts start 16:45, main card bouts start at 20:00
Venue: Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town

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1) Simply comment below and tell us which fight you’re most excited for at EFC 35
2) Tell us where the fights are happening
3) Share this to your Facebook and Twitter wall

Winners announced at 9am on Thursday morning

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  1. I’m most looking forward to Groenewald vs Walravens. I’m interested to see who’s Brazillian Jiu jitsu is best. That’s if the fight goes to the ground which I doubt.

    The event is held at Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town

  2. Looking forward to the Wessels vs Drotschie fight! Going to be epic, this fight has been building up for a long time now, and I really hope we get to see an epic 5 round battle! Grandwest Arena!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win 😀 😀 😀

  3. I am most excited to watch Bruno ‘The Major’ Mukulu fight.
    i’ve started training at Impakt with him. He’s a scary dude!!!
    fights are at Grandwest
    And tickets are CRAZY expensive (Someone should tell EFC)

  4. Hey Kreg and MCBN 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity, I would really DIG to be apart of this event 🙂

    1) Fight most excited to see at EFC35: Has to be Gideon “The Juggernaut” Drotschie to retain the LIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE vs Wessels, the tension is CRAZY MAD between those two!!! Honorable mention also has to go to the Vacant Heavy Weight Title (Christophe “BOMAYE” Wolravens FTW)

    2) The Fights will take place at the Grand Arena. Grandwest, Cape Town

    3) Done and Done, Shared.

    Good Luck to all the entrants!!! EPIC PRIZE!

  5. Cant wait to see Wessels vs Drotschie ASS KICKING @Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town BOOYA !!

  6. A big thank you to MyCityByNight for give us a great opportunity to win tickets and watch some history go down.

    I would love to see Sayed and Hassen battle it out.

    The Fights will take place at the Grand Arena. Grandwest, Cape Town

    Good Luck to everyone and may the best man win!

  7. Most excited about the bloodbath about to go down when Drotschie pounds Wessels head into the ground!!

    Second excited for Sayed making Hollywood Hassen squirm like a little *bleep*

    Grand Arena, Grand West is the place to be 6/11/14 for #EFC35

  8. Drotschie vs Wesleys!!! GRAND WEST CAPE TOWN. I would love to win these tickets so I can donate them so some less fortunate who love EFC but don’t have funds

  9. Finally shared on FB and twitter!!

    That’s how dedicated and determined I am…

    I want to see Drotschie beat Wessels!

    Pretty please 🙂

  10. I’ve trained with both Chris Walravens and Bruno Mukulu so naturally I’m excited to see both of them perform, but the fighter I’m really itching to watch is Irshaad Sayed against Abdul Hassan. This dude’s potential is seriously exciting. The systematic way he took Charlie Weyer apart on the feet then seamlessly transitioned to the rear naked choke in his last fight was a thing of beauty. Anyone who knows anything about this stuff knows that if you want a precise and technical bout over bloodsport; you watch the bantamweights.

    Of course EFC 35 is at Grand West Casino, Cape Town! And OF COURSE I would love to see these world class athletes smash into one another with reckless abandon, IN PERSON! I’m so pumped for this card! It’s gotta be the most exciting one for me yet!

  11. I am most excited for Drotschie aka “Juggernaut” vs Wessels aka “Chef” at Grand West Cape Town! Team Juggernaut for the win! Just started MMA and Kickboxing myself! Woohoo! I would love for this match to be my first! Never seen a fight live!

  12. Must amped to see the CT kid Shaun De Lange take on Mukulu. It’s going to be happening at Grand West Cape Town and it’s going to be Epic!

  13. Totally want to see Walravens and Groenewald battle it out! at Grand West Cape Town! Pumped!

    And obviously Shaun “The Kid” De Lange own shit.

  14. The fight I’m most excited about is the Walravens vs Brendon Groenewald bout. I’ve met Chris several times in several different settings and I’d love the opportunity to get to see him fight up close. His brutal knockout power has been refined by over a year of solid boxing training, combine this with his elite level judo skills and you have a handful for any man, especially a ground specialist like Groenewald. Getting Walravens on his back is going to be next to impossible, and he certainly does not want him on top of him. So i see it turning out to be a short and violent stand up war!

    EFC 35 will take place tomorrow afternoon at GrandWest Casino, Cape Town. IM SO EXCITED!

  15. I’m keen on checking Gideon Drotschie vs. Norman Wessels at Grand West Arena, Grandwest Casino, Cape Town this week.

    Would be pretty epic…

  16. All the fights are going to be a legend, top quality, jaw-dropping, non-stopping, rocking, foot-stomping, edge of your seats kinda action!!! BAAAAAAM!!!!
    If I had to choose one…its gotta be the oke from Parow…the Juggernaut showing the “Chef” how things are done outside the kitchen!!!! Supersport Live is good….but this is MOST DEFINITELY one where I seriously want to be right in the action at the Grand Arena…c’mon!!!

    1. You don’t want to know how loud I just squealed of excitement!! Thank you Kreg! Thank you! THANK YOU!

      1. CONGRATS NICCI!!!! 🙂 Please if for some odd reason you cant make it anymore (Snowballs chance) then please let me know, ill buy them from you 🙂 Have a jol, its going to be AMAZING!!!

  17. Congrats on the winners, if for some odd reason you cannot make it, ill buy the tickets off you 🙂 Nicci & Tara. Shaun White

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