It’s Braai Day- Rebecca Black Parody… Happy Heritage Day!

It’s Heritage Day in South Africa today and as a nation we are encouraged to celebrate our cultural heritage and the diversity of our beliefs and traditions in the Rainbow Nation. It means being respectful of the differences we have as well as uniting together as one group of people- South Africans.

Today has also been dubbed National Braai Day, with the assumption that all good South Africans enjoy having a good braai, a beer and some Mrs Balls Chutney… Which they do. Clearly. As a celebration of this fact a little parody by two peeps by the name of “Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues” of Rebecca Black’s rather catchy Youtube hit ’Friday’.

It makes me want to put a chop on the braai and chill with my charnas…

So in celebration of South Africa here it is: Happy Heritage Day and Happy Braai Day 🙂

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