Israel Dagg does “the eel”


Anyone who is close with the boys of MyCityByNight will know about our secret fighting technique that was developed through years and years of fighting ninjas in the mountains of Cape Town. The technique (which we thought was a secret up until now) is called “The Eel”.

A well placed eel to the neck can paralyse any foe, with force and number of subsequent eels to the body equivalent to the length of paralysis. I remember this one night, one of mates got hit with a triple eel and lay there unable to move… before shitting himself, ON THE SPOT. So you see its serious stuff.

New Zealand fullback Israel Dagg’s explanation on Wednesday was interpretted by most as an unusual way to celebrate try-scoring in the Match against France- when it was really quite obvious to us what he had up his sleeve.

During the match, Dagg marked one of his two tries in a 37-17 All Blacks victory by bending his arm to form a “power eel”.

He refused to discuss his celebration when quizzed by journalists on Wednesday, other than offering two cryptic clues – “a dog miaows” and “the laughing bear rides a motorcycle”.

Carter, sitting alongside, could offer no insight, telling reporters: “It makes no sense to me.”

Of course we were well aware that he was indeed displaying the power of “the eel” to the masses… An obvious challenge to the teachings of MyCityByNight and French footballer and Manchester United Demigod, Eric Cantona who once famously said: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

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    1. Can you imagine what’s going to happen this weekend because of this whole eel thing? #protectyourneck

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