Is This The Worst Skate Boarding Face Slam Ever?

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While this is one epic looking skate boarding video, it also has one of the worst face slams I have ever seen!

“Run Boy Run” by Chris Ray and featuring Jordan Grace is as Ray describes:

REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking featuring 12 of the most visionary filmmakers in the world, each responsible in their own way for directing the overall look and feel of the modern skate video. Given a RED camera—the industry standard for Hollywood movies—and complete creative control to bring his vision of skateboarding to life, the Berrics is proud to present to you… “Run Boy Run” by Chris Ray.

However, it also includes one serious face slam! Below the original video is an additional recently released angle of the face slam.

REDIRECT CHRIS RAY: "RUN BOY RUN" from Chris Ray on Vimeo.

Is This The Worst Skate Boarding Face Slam Ever?

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