Is This The Most Ridiculous Cheaters Episode Of All Time?

Cheaters episode

If you live in South Africa, chances are that you’ve caught Joey Greco and his team of super sleuths get to the bottom of various infidelities while drunk on the couch after a night out while flicking through the channels on DSTV. Sadly Joey has since left the Cheaters team, but the ridiculousness of the show has continued, possibly more outlandish than ever before. Case in point with this particular episode where they’ve faked a wife shooting her husband after finding out that he was cheating on her.

I mean seriously – How are they going to show someone getting capped on TV, while everyone else just kind of lets it happen? Anything for ratings these days I guess. (PS, We want Joey Greco back – at least he was entertaining to watch, especially when he asked the people concerned “how they felt”).

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