Is This The Most Brutal MMA KnockOut Of All Time?

This Is The Most Savage Knockout We've Ever Come Across In MMA - Do You Agree?


After a big weekend of EFC and UFC 217, we’ve been pretty excited by the mixed martial arts movement that has pretty much taken over the world over the past few months. In the sport, there’s probably not a whole lot that compares to seeing someone get knocked out or getting made to tap out because of a well-executed bit of BJJ and with the video we’re showing today, we think we’ve found the most brutal knockout yet.

The TKO comes from Bellator 186, which went down last Friday night and features a battle between Tywan Claxton and Jonny Bonilla-Bowman. The fight didn’t last too long, with it taking just 90 seconds for Claxton to land a flying knee to the face of Bonilla-Bowman, which knocked him into the next dimension:

Looked like he was out before he even hit the floor – ouch! Apparently, it took Bonilla-Bowman more than two minutes to get back to his stool and then even needed some assistance to get out of the octagon as well. Claxton now has a record of 7-0 as an amateur and 1-0 as a pro and now has his sights firmly set on Aaron Pico for his next fight.

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