Is This Really A Picture From The Year 6000?

A Time Traveler Has Landed Back in 2018 With A Picture He Took In The Year 6000

Time travel has always been one of those concepts that is a little bit difficult to wrap your head around, with us chasing the creation of technology that would make it possible. Today, we’ve got a clip from a dude who claims that he’s travelled back from the year 6000 with some proof of what the world looks like in the form of a photo he took.

He claims that the World he’s travelled back from is a utopia ruled by Artificial Intelligence that has found a cure for cancer. It’s all very suspect (the picture he shows is super blurry), but I’ll leave the decision around whether he’s telling the truth up to you:

Hmm – I’m not so sure. Anyways, hope the guy is able to actually get back to the year 6000 (if he isn’t too amped with living in the year 2018).

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