Is “Summer Of ’84” Going To Be As Good As “Stranger Things”

We All Love Stranger Things - Is Is "Summer Of ’84" Going To Be Anywhere Near As Good?

Let’s admit it, most of us are super into Stranger Things because it reminds all of us old enough to remember a world without mobile phones super nostalgic about the 80’s and growing up in a simpler time. There have been one or two attempts to recreate this magic formula, with none of them really coming close to getting it right, until now.

Summer Of ’84 is a brand new movie, which has a plot that follows four kids from the burbs riding around on their bikes, trying to figure out who the serial killer in town is (their main suspect is a cop who lives next door to them, but that would be too obvious).

Check out the first trailer below:

It drops in the US next Friday and will be available on all of the streaming platforms after that. After watching that, I’m really hoping we have something to tide us over until the new season of Stranger Things with Summer Of ’84.

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