Is Hatred the most violent game ever made?


People made quite a big boo hah when Grand Theft Auto was first released, saying it was the most violent thing since the last World War and now we’ve seen a similar trend after the release of the latest gameplay trailer for Hatred the game. To be fair to all of the fear-mongers, the game is ultra violent with the main aim being to kill as many (innocent) people as possible before going out in a violent storm of bullets and fire as the game’s main character.

If people went on to murder tons of innocent people and site this game as the reason/inspiration for their actions, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised. For me, as a relatively sane individual who doesn’t have an interest in murdering anyone, I can’t wait to give the game a play – just to see if it is really as twisted as all the trailers seem to indicate.

Have a look at the latest gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think?

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