Iron Man 2

I was driving home over De Waal drive yesterday evening in the peak hour traffic(I know, you think I would have learnt by now, stupid me) and I saw them letting cars over the newly built bridge going over the highway and I just thought, fuck it, I have to try this and to be honest, I dont think it made any different to my life what so ever, probably saved me about 10 seconds because all the traffic backs up so far its bumper to bumper anyways and the off ramp is blocked by all the other cars heading onto the N2, so thanks Cape Town government for nothing really, just a cool looking bridge and a new road for us to use. I dont know why I told you that… hmmmm… anyways

On the 7th of May, the Iron Man 2 movie premiers across the world and I don’t know if you are as much a Marvel fan at all but I love pretty much anything to do with Marvel. X Men, Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk and the Punisher to name a few. So when I found out they were releasing the 2nd Iron Man, I was pretty dam stoked. Robert Downey Jr is such an awesome actor and he plays the role perfectly. I always wanted to know why they didn’t bring War Machine into the first one and lucky for me, they throwing him into the second movie where he joins forces with Iron Man to fight the bad guys. War Machine is played by Don Cheedle another favourite of mine. The other big names in this movie are Samuel L Jackson who plays Nick Fury, Mickey Rourke who plays Whiplash and Scarlett Johansonn who plays Black Widow. Obviously the ever so lovely Gwenyth Paltrow is still playing the roll of Pepper Potts.





It’s going to be one bad-ass movie. I am definitely going to watch this on the cinema! Looks action packed, exactly how I like it.

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