Irish clubbers produce cringeworthy poses after mistaking a video camera for one that shoots stills only

irish clubbers posing

Why does this keep happening? You’ll remember that just a few weeks back we featured a video from the US featuring a bunch of youths that were captured in rather awkward poses in video clips, after they had mistaken the cameraman as one of those people from Thunda that take your photo. This time around we go all the way to a club night in Ireland called C You Next Tuesday – or C.U.N.T, which coincidentally is probably how you’d refer to most of the people in this video.

I suppose it’s a great job done by the organisers with them having the balls to pull a prank like this on their own patrons.  This video shows how obsessed we’ve all become with showcasing the best possible version of our lives to everyone out there on social media. Pretend screaming just for the sake of a good photo is not a vibe.

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