iPhone 6 slow motion camera tested with bouncing boobs

iphone 6 slow mo boobs

Quite a bit has been made of the various faults of the new generation of iphone 6 including its tendency to permanently bend when placed in people’s pockets, but enough of that noise. Let’s move onto something a bit more positive, like how great the iphone 6 slow motion camera is. A Youtuber by the name of Jessi June Verifieddecided that she would test out the camera in the best way she knew how, by filming her boobs bouncing up and down while she was wearing just a bra. In her words:

I figured I have a phone that can do super slow motion video, and I’ve got boobs… it would probably be irresponsible to not put these two together. Lol.

Right… so not exactly a rocket scientist, but definitely someone with a bright future in product testing. Maybe.

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