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I love this City tonight, I love this City always…

The first sentence of any piece of writing – be it an essay, an article or even a love letter – is always a tricky beast to negotiate. Take this one for example. Whilst managing to adhere to some basic rules of English grammar, it was spectacularly unsuccessful in informing you, the reader, just what this article (sorry, piece) is all about. And that’s because I myself am unsure, so what chance did the poor opening sentence have? About as much chance as a BBC journalist at an ANCYL press conference. That’s how much.

I volunteered to write for this fine blog as I’ve always had a passion for writing and words in general. Couple this with the fact that the MyCityByNight crew shares the same love for this amazing city, and for all those who live in it and make it what it is, and it seemed only logical for me to try get in on it. And lo and behold, the good people at the helm of this fine ship have decided to indulge me and let me dip my quill in the ink. So to speak.

As I write this, I am visiting my parents in Durban for the long weekend. While I have nothing in particular against Durban, I have nothing in particular ‘for’ it either. Durban does alright in the sense that the water is a lot warmer, uShaka kicks the Two Oceans Aquariums ass, and a man can get a mean bunny chow. Oh and let’s not forget Hooters (mmmm…Hooters!). But these things aside, it doesn’t really hold a candle to Cape Town. Now I know all the Durbanites are going to be up in arms (well, those 17 that can read), but chill out bruuuu, let me explain myself.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, we have what I like to call ‘the female factor’ (copyright pending). Now it’s a scientific fact that Cape Town has the most beautiful women in South Africa by a country mile. Not only does the city breed beauties from baby to babe, but it seems to attract them from all corners of our country. As a result, all the best women end up in Cape Town. Now before I’m labeled shallow, I don’t mean only the best aesthetically, but the best generally –the fashionistas, the aspiring musicians, the artists, the scientists and the lawyers – all end up here. That would win the ‘best city contest’ in most books, but wait, there’s more!

In terms of nightlife and music, Cape Town streaks ahead. Take tonight for example – by most accounts, an ordinary April Friday night. Cape Town must not have got the memo because tonight Capetonians have a massive selection of sounds and venues from which to choose. There are the internationally respected Killer Robot boys at Fiction banging the best in Minimal Tech, the mash up of electro, thrash, and break beat of wunderkind Haezer and friends at Assembly, and the best of both worlds at The Temple’s Plastic Fantastic. All this within a couple blocks of each other! And lets not forget the events of the weekend which include a top quality outdoor Trance party (Mechanical Animals), the Afrika Burns event (not technically in Cape Town, but we’ll claim it anyway) and the awesome Balkanology festival celebrating Balkan/World beats and culture at Vaudeville on Monday. Oh, and there’s also a bit of cheese to taste on Sunday (for those so inclined).

Then we have the place itself – Cape Town is globally recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the World. From the beaches, to the wine farms, to the mountains and everything in between, we have it all covered. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, there really is something for everyone. Almost every day I discover something new – be it a restaurant, a sick clothing shop, a pub or just a rad spot to take in the (legendary) sunset. The geographical diversity is matched only by that of the people who call this amazing city home. Every type of person imaginable (yes, even jocks) have their ‘somewhere’ – that part of the city where they are happy and comfortable and free to express themselves just as God (or at least the drafters of our Constitution) intended.

And so my first attempt at writing is dedicated to the very city that inspired it in the first place. Durban’s alright, but I love Cape Town tonight…

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  1. We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us (Winston Churchill). The fairest Cape, whom we all shape, shall remain carved into our very being. May we be in another province, another country, on another continent – home will always be the Cape. Big Up Homeslice, congrats on your first piece. So true !!! Peace and blessings from the 'Mothership' …..

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