The Story of Spartacus – A Gin to Take On the World!


The story of Spartacus, the rebel general, is the inspiration for Spartacus Gin. A descendant of Nomads, he served as a soldier with the Roman army, but became a prisoner of Rome and was sold as a gladiator.

Rebelling against his imprisonment and unwilling to continue fighting his fellow gladiators to the death, Spartacus and his companions rose up and overpowered the company guards. 

Spartacus the man embodies the true character and spirit of Spartacus Gin. 

Spartacus Gin. The Spirit of Freedom

Spartacus is a premium quality classic dry gin, distilled and blended in our craft distillery in Cape Town. Made from imported juniper and citrus botanicals and hand-crafted through every step of the distilling and blending process, Spartacus offers a pure, classic gin taste, yet with bold hints of citrus.

Spartacus is a gin of true character and always at a fighting price. Follow Spartacus Gin on Facebook.

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