Introducing the Pizza Hut “Pie-Tops”

Introducing the Pizza Hut "Pie-Tops"


Pizza Hut has gone and combined two of my favourite things with the release of their brand new Pizza Hut Pie Tops, sneakers and fast food. These sneaks have the unique ability to order you a pizza from Pizza hut at the touch of the tongue (shoe tongue), which is definitely going to be an absolute game changer for anyone as lazy as me.

I mean let’s be honest, you’re going to get a crazy amount of props from sneakerheads for wearing your limited edition Pizza Hut high tops anyways and that’s well before showing them just how easy it is to order a pizza using your kicks.

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be lucky enough to own a pair with only 64 pairs of them being made and the majority of these going to the media and influencers over in the US. Still though… just look at them:

Pie Tops

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