Introducing Peach & Moon – the new range we’re over the moon about!

Peach & Moon

The Peach & Moon Range has arrived! We are super excited to announce the addition of the  Peach & Moon range to our online store.

Peach & Moon is a family-run business based in the Western Cape. Co-Owner of Peach & Moon Organics, Matthew Brown says the driving force behind the brand was the motivation to find alternative treatments for Parkinson’s to help a sick relative.

“Honestly, I thought that CBD was just a hippie gimmick,” says Brown. “But the more I investigated the more scientific research I uncovered, and eventually I saw the results with my own eyes! It’s amazing stuff.”

Peach & Moon source and create a variety of artisanal products such as essential oil soaps, olive oils and premium grade CBD products including skincare and oils. The company is dedicated to providing a high-end product that meets the gold standard of quality in the organic cannabis, food and health industry of South Africa and the world.

We excited to announce that you can now officially purchase The Peach & Moon hemp hand cream, Botanical Face Oil and the CBD Plus Airless Pump on the MyCityByNight online store.

All of Peach & Moon’s CBD is imported from the Netherlands, and in South Africa, is exclusive to their company. This CBD is tested in biotechnology lab to ensure they can make promises in the good faith. It’s also a full spectrum plant extract, which means there are additional cannabinoids in the mix. Namely, CBDV, CBG, CBC, THCV, d8-THC, and some d9-THC.

Peach & Moon also stock water-soluble CBD, as well as pet CBD, which, with every purchase, the family business donates R5 to DARG. Shop Peach & Moon products right here.

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