Introducing Mary Jane Ale by Standard Brewing Co

When a new local beer hits the shelf, we’re very keen to try it. When said local beer is packed with CBD, we’re even more excited to get our hands on it. Introducing, Mary Jane Ale by Standard Brewing Co.

Brewed fresh in the foothills of Table Mountain, this delicious local ale won’t get you high because it contains no THC. It is however jam-packed with CBD, which is the elixir of the gods. This easy-drinking light Ale is known to cure for all. It will make you vastly more intelligent, potentially a great dancer, way better looking and in general, a far greater human being.

Standard Beer Co is a non corporate, uncompromising quality, grassroots Beer Company. A collective of like-minded souls uniting for their true love of great premium beer.

Their Mission: Global Domination.

Standard Lager, Pilsner and Mary Jane ale are available on tap at THE FIRM CT venues: The Village Idiot, Harringtons, Aces n Spades Bar, SurfaRosa and Rum Runner. Mary Jane Ale cans have now added!

Mary Jane Ale. Photo by Laura McCullagh
Current  specials:

The Village Idiot
Wednesdays: R75 for 1L jug
Saturdays 2-6PM: Half Price on taps
Thursdays: Burger/Salad +Beer =R90
Buy 6 Mary Jane Ale CANS and get a free lid

Ace n Spades Bar
Wednesday to Friday 4-8pm: Half Price on tap

Tuesday to Saturday 5pm – 7pm: Half price on tap
Tuesdays 5pm – 10pm: Pizza + Standard pint  = R50

Wednesday to Saturday 5pm – 7pm: Pizza + Standard pint  = R50

Wednesdays to Friday  4-7pm: Half Price on tap
Saturday 6-7pm: Half Price on tap


Standard loyalty cards are available at all ‘The Firm’ venues.
Buy 10 pints and your 11th is free.
*Do not make us regret this, drink responsibly!

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