Introducing FENRIS

I got sent this by a mate, this is their new project called Fenris. It’s three guys, Ringo, Red and Zane and I would classify this as Electronic Pirate Rap … Take a look at their bio, it’s rather interesting:

“Ringo, Bokkie & Saucy were pillaging the seventeen seas in their great, grand ship known to all scurvy cur’s as the Black Hoarse, sailing in search of the finest Ales they found themselves massively intoxicated and capsized their ship, sinking with it into the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker off the coast of Kaapstad. Deep within the cold murky waters the swashbucklers were swallowed whole by the treacherously demented giant black squid known as Elpoopronegro. Within its boiling sauna of a muggy belly pouch it looked like death was on the cards. Sweating hard they tumbled further into the creatures bowels and crashed into fortune, well, into a plush couch where upon the mystical sea wolf Fenris sat rather relaxed sipping on fine merlot. Amusedly Fenris challenged the lads to a freestyle battle, which they destroyed. Fenris didn’t even get a second round. The defeated wolf was immensely impressed and granted the victors a host of powers by merging his wolfy soul and so the pirates became Fenris. They now had the ability to eat their way out of the black squids gut, which tasted kinda like a Long Street boerie when you lank hammered  but whatever, they escaped, free to roam again upon the surface. They wisely used their new powers to summon up the magnetic zeppelin dactyl to crane them from the waves from where they then floated into the clouds above a remarkably flat table-like mountain. A view of a beautiful city stunned them as the zeppelin dropped the buccaneers onto a friendly mechanical iron quagga’s back where they galloped straight into their studio and quickly wrote these three tracks for you to have and play loud, fuckin loud!”

***These tunes contain some offensive language, if you are offended easily then don’t listen otherwise turn this shit fucking loud***

 FENRIS – Elpoopronegro by FENRIS

FENRIS – Scurrvy Curr by FENRIS

FENRIS – Iron Quagga by FENRIS

Now thats some real shit, proper rap beats!

I am quite keen to hear what these guys come up with next, infact I would love to see them do a LIVE gig soon. I am sure they would kill it.

To keep up to date and follow FENRIS, here is their soundcloud page: (click here)

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  1. This shit is tight yo. These guys from Cape Town cause they could seriously destroy the likes of PHFat and Sedge Warbler… There rhymes are even fresher than the filth Die Antwoord gooi uit bra!

    1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!
      like ur comment alot …. Ph Zef are going outta town soon and Sedge warbler all to old , the neeed new tracks and new style and this seems to be it!! Yes red ryan and Zane so GANGSTA GUYS! Cape towns beastie boys 🙂

      1. Are you fucking serious? These okes dont come close to PH or Sedge, this is some fucking bullshit!

        1. @Shit!!!: Do you mind backing why you think they are bullshit? This post currently has 62 likes and 11 comments and seems that people are liking it.

          Atleast give us a reason why they dont come close to PHFat or Zef Warbler? It would make it easier for me to understand why they “this is some fucking bullshit”?

  2. bad ass, who are these guys? How are they so cool? Where are they from?
    I wish i had friends as kick ass as these guys!

  3. as much as i enjoyed FENRIS, isnt cape town a little small for another electro/bass/rap crew? these guys are all clearly talented & entertaining but why follow the mould when u can break it?

    1. @handsomebob: I do agree with you, the market is fairly saturated – What do you think these guys would be like live? I would really like to see the full live act go down.

  4. holla bitches, FENRIZZLE playing this thurs (31march) at either Camps Bay Bowls Club, or, Old Castle Breweries, will let ya know. love

    1. Keep me updated brother, I will let everyone know where to find the FENRIZZLE on Thursday…

      1. sweet kreg, shot bro! gigs at the campsbay bowls club, peeps rockin up round 8ish, FENRIZZLY killing mics at 22:30!!!!!! drinks are poes cheap:) peas

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