Introducing: Dirtyfunk

New local music in our ears daily makes sure that we’re up to date with what’s going down in the SA based industry. We’ve come across 3 dudes straight out of Goodwood, Cape Town, who have partnered up with Jack Parow to release a pretty tasty track.
The trio, consisting of Angelo “Elvis” Taylor, Dale “Chief” Johnson and Andre “Triple Threat” Machent, have been working their magic since 2010 and are now ready to take on the world.
Stemming from Mitchell’s Plain to Bonteheuwel to Kuilsrivier, these guys have been breathing in music since they could hear the first beat on the radio – winning over the hearts and ears of everyday audiences as they go along. I like their flow and think with a little bit more polish, they could be one of SA most popular commercial hip hop acts. Their first official single, Rockstar is set to hit radio stations all over the country in September and features the zef Afrikaans rapper and all round good ou Jack Parow.
“These young guys have a lot of heart and killer beats. Working on this track with them was such a kief experience.
Definitely keeping my eyes on them.” – Jack Parow

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