Introducing the Converse #ClashWall


In preparation for the launch of the Winter14 All Star collection, Converse has announced a Sneakers Clash of epic proportions with the Clashwall. SNEAKERS CLASH – is a series of vibrant and colourful activations around the globe designed to break the monotony of a sometimes, very grey world – kicking off in Amsterdam and then progressing to other cities. This time around, Cape Town has been selected as one of Africa’s venues for the clash on the 28th of February with Jozi to follow suit on the 7th of March 2014.

SNEAKERS CLASH will be brought to life through two really different interactive activations – Wall of Clash and Photo Clash – bridging the gap between Converse’s fans on social media and a diverse range of artists in surprising physical spaces.

The Wall of Clash (#ClashWall on Twitter if you’re following the conversation) is aimed at meshing street artists with clashing styles at unexpected locations with the challenge of letting their creativity run wild on the canvas of a dull, lifeless wall – boosted by your feedback on what to paint. As a participating member of the public you’ll be able to influence what gets painted by interacting with @Converse_Africa on Twitter – making this a truely democratic piece of sneaker inspired art.

SNEAKERS CLASH is inspired by the Winter 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection, featuring dynamic pops of colour and elevated silhouettes that get you thinking about your youthful care-free days. From colourful tie-dye to bold colour blocking and striking archive prints create, these are the perfect sneakers to brighten up Winter this season.

@Converse_Africa #ClashWall

Competition Time:

To make sure it’s really worth your while to get involved (creating art should actually be good enough, haha) – we’re giving away 2 limited edition Converse watches (black or turquoise). To win, leave a comment below letting us which colour you’d like and then send off a tweet to @Converse_Africa and @MyCityByNight with the hashtags #ClashWall and #CPT in your Tweet. Winners will be announced after the Jozi event on 7 March 2014.

Converse watch T Converse watch BLACK

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  1. Congrats to the winners – Lené Naidoo & Ursula!! You’ll be receiving a mail with deets soon!

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