Introducing Agony Aunt Muriel

Hellooo MyCityByNight family! As you may have heard, while we were down for a couple of weeks one of our favourite old people, Muriel (although she doesn’t like it when we call her old) got hold of us and asked if she might lend a hand in this business of blog writing. 

We gave it a bit of thought and after hours of planning and many “light” beers (because we’re both on a diet), Kreg and I knew exactly where Muriel could fit in. You see, Muriel is quite a wise lady who was quite a harlot back in her day and thus is well-positioned to pass on advice on relationships or lack thereof and life in general. She’s computer savvy, a huge fan of MyCityByNight and is willing to give advice on anything that might be plaguing you. 

Boys and Girls, MyCityByNight introduces to you our very own agony aunt- Muriel.


We’ll give it a day or two before we send off our first couple of questions off to her and then hopefully from there onwards she’ll be doing a feature on a weekly basis (obviously depending on her very busy schedule).

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