Introducing Africanpure – an innovative range of CBD oils for the whole family


South Africans have been lavishly lighting up without care since The Constitutional Court handed down its judgement on the private use of marijuana in September last year. While smoking it up may seem like it’s all the craze since decriminalisation, wider spectrums of cannabis use are booming too. From the medical science industry to the beauty world and the health and wellness industry, just about everyone’s getting on board.

A brand new local product called Africanpure has recently been making waves too. The brand offers a range of four pure CBD oils which all contain 0% of the psychoactive compound THC – the stuff that gets you high- and can be used for anything from insomnia to stress, anxiety and depression. Africanpure believes the gateway to real health is an equilibrium of body and mind and that CBD oil has the potential to promote this.

But what is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are powerful compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

Africanpure offers an ‘everyday CBD oil’ with a lower dose as well as stronger dosage oil too. The brand even offers products for both pets and children. Each product online can be found with a certified breakdown of each compound in the oil ensuring you know exactly what you’re taking.

For more information join Africanpure on Facebook and visit their website to place your order. Stay tuned to our page for upcoming Africanpure product reviews.

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