Interviews| Mark Stent (We Chat About “Takeover” featuring Rouge)

We chat to Mark Stent ahead of the release of his new track Takeover featuring Rouge


We’re happy to bring you an insight to a brand new tune put together by South African dance music stalwart DJ Mark Stent & Hip Hop chart topper Rouge, entitled “Takeover” which comes out today on David Gresham Records.

Mark Stent, often referred to as the world’s strongest DJ, is riding high after two number 1 hit singles on the national 5FM pop charts, namely “Rain” & “Come back home”.  Whilst Rouge the self-proclaimed baddest female rapper has enjoyed similar success across Africa with her singles “Mbongo Zaka” & “Sheba Ngwan O”.

It’s an awesome blend of EDM & Hip Hop, that’s definitely going to be bumping all Summer long down here in South Africa and across the continent. We caught up with DJ Mark Stent and here’s what went down:


MyCityByNight: You’ve been known to er on the harder side of things when it comes to the music you play and produce. What made you decide to change it up?

DJ Mark Stent: Actually i was originally a deep house/kwaito/garage DJ….i just moved into the harder stuff for festivals and because the market changed….funky house music will always be in my soul…but i do love banging it at big floor events 🙂

What was it like collaborating with Rouge? She’s got amazing prowess as a rapper, but we never really expected her to be on a “dance” track?

Rouge is probably the most energetic, talented and professional artist i have ever worked with…i don’t thing she even realises how good she is, and so humble for such a talented girl. Andrew from David Gresham actually introduced us and i sent her the song and from there it just fell together…we are both so happy with it.

What is your view on SABC taking a stance in favour of playing local music ahead of the International stuff?

Well for me its been great!!! Seriously though…we have so so so much talent in SA and i think its amazing that they have chosen to support their own and help SA artists to grow…its doing so much good, allowing SA artists to get together and collaborate and create new styles and ideas.

Is there anyone you’d like to work with in the future?

Yes definitely….Casper Nyovest, Ricky Rick and obviously Black Coffee…internationally I’ve actually just finished a track with a guy I’ve been wanting to work with for years…Higher Self

If you do a music video for the song, can we have a cameo?

Hahahaha….only if you do the Macarena

Any gigs or projects that we should know about in the World of Mark Stent over the next couple of months?

Wow….so so so so so much….i have my first hip hop/trap tune out with rapper Reason and Astryd Brown on Vocals, a remake of Massive Attack’s legendary track Teardrops, which i did as a collaboration with Keystate and a melodic deep track out with vocalist Jarrid odendaal….and one special project with my twin daughters on the vocals (these little girls can sing!!!!)….


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