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No words can describe the excitement, as the Love & Light team can proudly confirm that ZYCE (with confirmed visa in hand) will finally be in South Africa for his first appearance at LOVE & LIGHT this weekend.

Hailing from Serbia, Nikola Kozic aka ZYCE has been involved with music from his teenage years, a guitarist in a Rock and Reggae bands to finally discovering electronic dance music… And well the rest I guess is history, as they say…

ZYCE has certainly become one of the most prolific and active producers with several successful projects under his belt: ZYCE, ECTIMA, VERTEX and ORISON… His debut album Hyper Cube in 2008 certainly made the world take notice of Serbia and since, we’ve seen an exciting new wave of fresh psy-progressive producers that followed. It was only once ‘Trancegression’ his 2nd studio album in 2010 was released that ZYCE exploded onto the global map, and soon after he started he his own label TesseractStudio, which has seen several top releases and a further two ZYCE studio albums, with the latest being Alignment which was released on 21-12-2012.

ZYCE has truly sculpted his very own unique and energetic signature, a sound which has taken the world by storm…  We can’t wait to finally welcome him to beautiful Cape Town.

1.) This will be your first visit to South Africa, and beautiful Cape Town, it’s taken awhile but Cape Town can’t wait, are you excited?, and have you heard much of our scene here in South Africa (Cape Town)?

ZYCE:  Super excited, that’s the words! After long time of trying, finally the moment has arrived!
I’ve heard only the best about Cape Town and about its energetic crowds which I believe can only be experienced once there!
It is a big pleasure to have this opportunity!

Zyce Visa

2.) Your latest album ‘Alignment’ seemed to really solidify your name as a worldwide force, and especially in Cape Town, can we expect the same unique and uplifting energy from your 1st visit? 

ZYCE : I always try to surprise with my sets , to play unreleased music,  with good uplifting energy, and
with just a few hits from my career !

3.) Please tell us about your introduction to Progressive PsyTrance which seems to have started around 2000, and also explain the recent explosion from Serbia that’s given birth to an exciting wave of psy progressive artists?

ZYCE:  As younger i was playing guitar in rock bands, until one of my friends showed me for the first time Progressive Trance music , was love at first sight and sound ! In this period of my life, scene in Serbia was really strong with nice events, and through years, more and more people notice that with some efforts this is possible to become a good producer! I guess I was one of first artists who released a psy-progressive trance album from Serbia! Step by step, more and more people showed their interest in this genre, and with sharing knowledge between producers, the quality of our sound have become better and better, and this is what made the Serbia explode in the last few years!

4.) Your music carries a very unique, vibrant and positive energy, can this be linked to your personality, and can we expect see and hear that exact message during your performance?

ZYCE: Well I could say that I’m a very positive as a person; I like to think about the world as a good place, and share my energy through music with people!

5.) You’ve recently done a lot of collaborations and remixes of and with names like; Astrix, Liquid Soul, Morten Granua, Talpa, E-Clip and more, what has been your most exciting work to date, and are there anything new your fans could expect?  

ZYCE:  For sure one of the most exciting things which happened to me was several collaborations tracks I did with friend and legend Liquid Soul & Solar Kid! All the tracks we made reached no1 on charts, which really helped grow m name! Off course all the rest of collaborations were really super exciting, I learned a lot, and also made me a better producer!  About new releases , with me you can always expect new releases , next one is the collaboration remix with Talpa, of the POWER of NOW track from the Captain Hook, something new and fresh , coming soon for IBOGA records !

6.) What is your favourite artist and album of all time (speaking trance), and who most inspired you musically as a teenager before starting a career in music (non trance)?

ZYCE: This one is really hard to answer as I have to say more than one project! But for sure in trance music one of my favorites albums are FREq – Strange Attractors, Vibrasphere – Lime Structure,  Sun Control Species – Scienza Nova , Son Kite – Colors, Ticon – Aero, Jaia – Fiction… And non trance would be Metallica, AC /DC, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Marley and so on.

We’d like to end of with just a few quick short quirky questions, firstly:

7.) Your favourite place in the world, besides your Studio off course : )) ?

ZYCE:  Spending time at a nice beach!

8.) Sunset or Sunrise, and why?

ZYCE: Sunrise off course! There is nothing better than a new sunny day!

9.) Visiting the land of the BIG FIVE (African Elephant, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, African Lion, African Leopard) What animal best describes you and why?

ZYCE: I guess its Black Rhino , there is not many of them left ! I give support to them !!

10.) Lastly, if you could choose to remix any track from any artist during the years before you started producing, from who and what track would that be?

ZYCE: This is one is really hard to say, most of my favorites tracks I already did a remix, but off course there is few other tracks which I could love to make a remix, like Ticon – Some Simple Sounds, FREq – Return of the Master and so on ….

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