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The greatest curse to which the local dance music scene falls prey, is the constant threat that you might go out for a night of sensual raving, and hear what appears to be the same song for 8 hours straight. Banality and regurgitation has become commonplace in the club and festival scene. And while many a punter might lambaste that concept as a commercialised mainstream view, there is little argument that creativity within the scene is largely lacking. Enter Worakls. While creating music that bears his unmistakeable sound, every song is blissfully unique in its own way. On the second weekend of February he graces Shimmy Beach for two nights of aural education. The artist, whose popularity has been growing at a phenomenal rate locally, is finally adorning our Mother City’s lineup to great applause from the CapeTonian crowd. I had the honour to sit down and chat to him and find out just what they put in France’s Coco Pops that births such inspiring music..

MyCityByNight: It seems somewhat blasphemous to call you Kevin, but “Hi Kevin”. Please enlighten us quickly as to where your name comes from? What on earth is a ‘Worakls’?

Hey! Thanks for having me. I started the project « Worakls » with a friend a few years ago. At this time we were starting to produce electronic music. We played a few gig and while we were performing once, a friend of ours pointed that we were wearing our hoodies like oracles. We laughed about it and then we transformed it : Oracles – Orakls – Worakls. After some time we realized that we had different way to view our future, so we split up and I kept the name. We’re still friends today.

MCBN: What inspires you musically? We have been taken on a rollercoaster with what appears to be some kind of ritual chanting in your rework of “Bloum – Faith”, orchestral build ups in “Elea” and an almost prog psy rendition of your buddy N’To’s “Trauma”. How do you do it man, how do you do it?

I think I’ve been inspired to make this kind of music by my melodic minimal style in the early days. But I don’t really listen to electronic music anymore, I’m more into movies scores. I try to mix them, the energy of techno and the feelings of the movies & music. That’s probably why it doesn’t sound like a pure electronic music anymore.

MCBN: We have seen you delve into a variety of collabs and remixes, but on a global stage, if it could be anyone, who would you most like to work with in the future?

We started a very close collaboration with N’to and Joachim Pastor. We opened our own label called « Hungry Music », so it would definitely be with these two!

MCBN: Have you heard much of the South African electronic scene? Only good things I hope. What can we expect when you are down here, and will you differ your sets at all between the two nights?

Actually not really, except the beautiful landscapes I saw on the internet, this country is pretty unknown for me and I’d love to know more about it. I’m very excited to come, after recently speaking about the place with « Ten Walls » after a festival (Sonar Cape Town) where he played, where he told me that it was really nice and that I’ll love it for sure. I think it’ll differ a little bit between the two nights depending of the atmosphere because even if I only play my own tracks I don’t really like to do the same thing from one day to another!

MCBN: Your sound has become so revered here that when MCBN asks who people would most like to see, your name is an inevitable reply. Who else do you admire within the industry, and who are some young up and coming producers and DJs that we can look out for?

I’m happily surprised about that! I’m really into the music of my two friends N’to and Joachim Pastor, plus, we follow some new producers that are growing, I guess some of them will appear soon on Hungry music!

MCBN: If you were to go deaf in the next few months, how would you pay the rent?

Haha,  hmmmm… Good question! I’ll probably try something different in art, such as painting I guess…

MCBN: In quite a difficult statement for many of my friends to hear, my dad is by far your biggest fan. He’s 55 this year and Im pretty sure he wont be wearing a shirt and will be in the front right 3 tracks in during your set. Some might say that’s odd. But what is the craziest thing you have experienced while behind the decks at a show?

Awesome! Haha well it’s actually not the first time I’ve heard that. It’s hard to explain it but a lot of my friends tell me that their parents or even grandparents like my music sometimes. I don’t have a craziest thing to tell you but every weekend has it’s own crazy scene… Don’t worry, your Dad won’t be one of them! After all, that’s one of the music’s beauty… Uniting people that are very different!

MCBN: Do the Kardashians belong on TV? If you could create your perfect reality TV show, what would it be?

The Kardashian? Well… I’m not really aware about that kind of people, but I think that we (our society) like to put on TV people that we can laugh about. The perverse reaction of it is that some people from the audience have come to accept this « modern clowns »  as examples at some points.The actors of these kinds of shows are the first victims of their popularity…  It’s pretty sad in some way … If I could create my perfect reality show,  it wouldn’t be about people like that, without any particular skills. I would try to do something inspiring for the audience, following people that are talented. And most of all, without any private life intrusions.

MCBN: For the legions of tech heads trying to be the next flavour on Hungry Music, what kind of setup are you running in your studio?

It’s actually very simple, monitors, computer, keyboards, a lot of small percussion, microphones…

MCBN: If we wanted to name a cocktail after you at Shimmy beach, what would we put in it?

It could be with vodka, lemon, and a lot of ice!

MCBN: So far, if you were to look back at your career, besides this mind blowing interview, what has been your highlight?

Hahaha, few months ago I did my first concert with an orchestra. We were 40 musicians on stage and I felt very proud that all these people were playing my music. It was a very tough work to write it but it was definitely worth it!

MCBN: Finally the MCBN dreaded “Would you rather…” question. So, would you rather have a penis sized nipple or a nipple sized penis?

Penis sized nipple, no hesitation, would be funny, plus it’s pretty useless for a guy, instead of the other choice haha.

MCBN: Thank you so much for chatting to us, please look out for the guy trying to do backflips without pants and a Bill Cosby mask during your set. That would be me.

hahahahaha can’t wait to see that ! 

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