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There are few people I genuinely like from France. Andre the Giant forged some inspiration for my 6 year old self when my chosen career path seemed destined to follow that of a WWF wrestler. Louis Vuitton certainly helped me feel inadequate around the ladies when I could barely afford a key-ring, and then there was the guy who invented the croissant. I don’t know who he is, but I owe him the world, and about 5KG from my current waistline. But, for the last few years, a new hero has risen from the land of frogs, snails and Eric Cantona and this is one for whom I have a particular affection. Worakls returns this December for Sexy Groovy Love, bringing with him his distinctive avalanche of French musical wizardry. His sound, and that of his co-owned label Hungry Music, is unmistakeable. The unique overtures of orchestral infused techno ensembles are set to blow the proverbial tits off the crowd at what has become one of Cape Town’s most beloved parties. And I, for one, am foaming at the mouth for what promises to be one of the shows of the season.

MyCityByNight: Dude, firstly, I am so happy to have you back. The last time you were here, although the crowd was small, I executed perfect cartwheels on the dancefloor and your show took my head right off its shoulders. But secondly, and most importantly, your name is Kevin. You said last time that your name is a take on “Oracle”. So where did the name for “Hungry Music” come from? Feeling peckish?

Worakls: Thank you so much, I’m very happy to come back in South Africa, and thanks for the dancing as well haha. Actually when we thought about the name of our label with N’to and Joachim we were thinking that the main thing that unites us is the melody, and that we were hungry for it. So we decided to call it « Hungry for music » .

MCBN: I’ve watched you grow for the last 6 or so years. Developing the Worakls sound and always coming up with something fresh and enticing with every new release. How do you differ now to when you started?

Worakls: When I started i was mainly producing techno, and little by little i’ve added more and more melody to it. Few years ago I decided to include an Orchestral style to it since i’m pretty addicted to movie’s music. I try to don’t release twice the same tracks and always produce something new. It’s not always easy but that’s the goal.

MCBN: Since you were last here we have seen a big journey and development with your live show. And also have heard rumours of this Hungry Band with your partners Joachim Pastor and N’To. Tell us a bit about this and how this differs from your normal show?

Worakls: We’re always developing new projects, N’to has his « N’to Live Perc » I have the « Worakls Band » and the 3 of us playing together (N’to, Joachim, and I) is the Hungry Band. We did that during a bit more than a year. N’to playing controllers, Joachim the guitar, and me the keyboard. We used to play only 3 tracks this way but it was really cool to do it.

MCBN: Between yourself, Joachim and N’To, who would win in an arm wrestle?

Worakls: Haha, no idea ! but i’m pretty sure I could easily win at FIFA.

MCBN: I know from the last time we spoke that your passion has always been with musical scores from films. I see you have now started to venture down this path. Is this something you could see yourself doing more of? And what productions can we listen to a very different side of Worakls in?

Worakls: Definitely ! I’m actually producing the soundtrack of a short movie right now and I’m planning to do it more and more. There’s a track I did as a tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris that is pretty much in this style, you can get it for free or listen to it on youtube, it’s called : « La Parisienne »

MCBN: What’s the one question you would ask Hans Zimmer if you had the opportunity?

Worakls: How the fuck mate ?

MCBN: You become stranded on a desert island, you only get to take one person, one musical instrument and one Playstation game. Can you name all 3?

Worakls: I’m hesitating between my girlfriend and my manager because playing Fifa with my manager is always nice, and my girlfriend is really bad at it. But I’d take a piano, so on a desert island with my manager, myself, and a piano, that’d be weird. So, I’ll take Bear Grylls (just in case), a hang because it’s cool on an island and Fifa because Fifa.

MCBN: Boris Brejcha remixed “Toi” on a recent Hungry release. Who would be another dream collaborator that you’d love to have a turn on one of your tracks?

Worakls: Well there are a lot of artists with whom it would be lovely to work ! I’m thinking about NU, Gui Boratto, Rodriguez Jr, Jon Hopkins etc …

MCBN: When you get on stage there must be a certain performance by a certain artist that you try to emulate, even in a small way. What was that show you saw during the beginning of your career that made you think “I want to do that”?

Worakls: ahah, thinking about it, I think it was the Metallica S&M concert. That could explain a lot of things

MCBN: I know you are a big football fan, who do you support? And how are they looking in the Champions League this year?

Worakls: Yeah! I support Porto, but I also like Real Madrid and Manchester United. For now they are qualified for the next tour in the champions league except for Man U who’s playing the Europa league this year.

MCBN: Where are you going? What is coming from the Worakls brand in 5 years time? What is there that you still want to achieve?

Worakls: I really need to finish my first album and do a big tour with the band and the orchestra. There are still many things to achieve such as doing some movie’s score etc..

MCBN: I wasn’t drinking last time you were down, and I didn’t take up the offer to hit some tequilas with you and your manager (something I very much regret), so what beverage can I bring you behind the decks this time around?

Worakls: Haha well we don’t really drink tequilas, but yeah vodka can do the job !

MCBN: I can proudly say that my dad is still your biggest fan and we will both be front and centre on the 27th. Do your parents ever come to your shows and what do they think of this life you have chosen?

Worakls: So nice thanks a lot ! yeah it actually happens and I’m very proud of it. I wish it’d happen even more, to break every barrier, age, culture, religion etc … music is something that helps to unite people. I hope I won’t disappoint your dad, say hello from me !  

MCBN: Kevin thank you so much for your time. If there’s a crazy man with his shirt off and your name written across his chest at Sexy Groovy, you will know who it is ☺

Worakls: hahaha thanks to you! see you there!

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