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 We were enjoying warm chocolate croissants down at the local bakery when we happened to run into local dj talent, Tommy Gun who happened to be busy stocking up on French confectionaries at the time. We asked him to wipe the icing sugar off of his face and sit down for a quick chat…

MCBN- According to some of our more seedy friends you share your Dj name with an American Porn actor (see pic below). Do you also have a big, um, music collection?

Tommy Gun- It’s massive, definitely bigger than Neil Tall’s. Glad to hear of another ‘sharp-shooter’ around!

MCBN- You’re part French, meaning that you’re quite likely to surrender in the face of any adversity. What has kept you djing for this long?

Tommy Gun- Va te faire foutre espece de fils de chien d’enculee!! Or in other words, go and jump in the lake.

MCBN- Haha. As far as we’re concerned you’re somewhere slap in the middle of nu rave disco and funk, how would you personally describe your style of music.

Tommy Gun- Add in a little rock ‘n roll, remove the rave, and you’re pretty much there. My main influences come from scouring through my dad’s 60’s rock ‘n roll and 70’s disco record collection as a kid. I like to think of everything I play now as being a natural evolution of that.

MCBN- You use a combination of cdj’s and a laptop when you do play, what is your opinion on the view that dj-ing has lost its original “feel” with the use of so much technology instead good ol vinyl?

Tommy Gun- I alternate between cdj’s and turntables with my Serato setup, depending on if the Serato vynil has warped or not (long story). Of course there is nothing like the real thing. Having said that, if one is using the technology to its fullest in order to reach new creative heights, then by all means.

MCBN- You’re a resident at Untamed Youth at Fiction on a Tuesday night- was there a specific youth that you remember as being especially untamed? Basically we want to know if you saw any boobies.

Tommy Gun- Bad behaviour happens on a weekly basis, no boobies to write home about unfortunately.

MCBN- Speaking of boobies, what’s your groupie situation like? We got at least 3 drinks from girls just because we said that we knew you. We suppose the half-French thing works quite well with the ladies. I remember this one time we pretended to be Mexican for a night & all that we got out of it was blame for spreading swine flu…

Tommy Gun- Pfff, all lies! Only a couple of numbers have been thrown my way, although there was this random guy who came up and nonchalantly asked if I’d be ok with his friend performing a certain sexual act on me… So I look up to see a 6ft male waving hi, with this bloody beaming smile! Overall, it hasn’t been ideal.

MCBN- What is your favourite track right now?

Tommy Gun- I’m getting tired of the big bangers… The second half of Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation. Pure disco, love it. Also:
Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours ft. Irfane
Hot Chip – One Life Stand
Yeasayer – O.N.E

MCBN- You’ve played all over Cape Town since coming to the forefront as a credible dj who’s able to rock just about any crowd. Do any gigs stand out for you as being memorable?

Tommy Gun- Thanks! In Feb I played after Gazelle to a sell-out Assembly, that was really special. Fiction Tuesdays are the closest to heart, the crowd interaction there is the most awesome thing. Otherwise, too many to mention.

MCBN- We’d really like to hear some production coming from Tommy Gun (poor choice of words). Any plans to get creative in the studio in the near future?

Tommy Gun- I’d really like to think so, just need the time. Perhaps in June once I’m done with the CFA exam…

MCBN- Well we wait with bated breath- good luck for that exam. Where can we expect to see you play over the next couple of weeks?

Tommy Gun- Friday 23 April, save the date!! I’m throwing an Untamed Youth party for charity at the Albert Hall, with and UCT RAG as partners. The line-up is full of hot stuff, with Desmond & The Tutus flying down from Pretoria. Details etc to follow.

This Saturday, an outdoor pool party in a Constantia mansion. Pablo’s Summer Send Off:

And every week at Untamed Youth, group here:

MCBN- Now for our favourite… The “would you rathdozi4er” question- Would you rather attend a 4 hour seminar by Dozi (see picture) on the influence on Afrikaans folk music on mainstream society;

or end every sentence off with “because my mom told me it would make me into a real man” for an entire day?

Tommy Gun Second option wins. Mama’s boy through and through!!

Thanks for taking the time out to chill with us Tommy, we’ll see you at Fiction next week.

Tommy Gun- Thanks guys, keep up the good stuff.

(thanks to we-are-awesome for the pic- the one of Tommy- not Dozi, obviously)

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  1. Cool interview that party sounds like a win mcbn gonna make the circle bigger?

  2. Thanks foot_check! Tommy was a good laugh and awesome to chill with as always!! I am sure we'll hear a little bit more about the parties closer to the time and maybe sneak a freebie here and there 😉

  3. I would likely praise Interview with Tommy Gun | My City By Night to everybody that I know. Brilliantly written interview – Sheridan Segal

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