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Myself and Ricky ByNight ended up at the River Club driving range after a long debate about who could drive the ball the furthest, then we bumped into Skragg who had some serious wood and was owning the balls, his long game was terrific and we hadnt even started with the golf! Afterwards we sat down in the bar, wiped the sweat off our brow and got down to some business…..

MCBN: So, You use Rabdom L for your live gigs and I finally found out what Rabdom L stands for, care to tell everyone else…

Skragg: You don’t waste time do you? Its an acronym for something pretty random that I sucked out my thumb when I needed an artist name. Don’t want to elaborate more than that though……

MCBN: You played and still do every now and then with the Legendary Twisted System, how did you guys start and what has happened to South Africas favourite PSY group?

Skragg:Twisted System is myself, Shift and Phyx – we formed this project right at the beginning of this journey, using it as a vehicle to push the crazier edge of nighttime psy – with input from three of us we were able to write tracks quickly aswell as keep the tracks fresh and innovative. We released two albums and many singles as we tried to get the project exposure abroad however with three of us in the group we were not getting the bookings we needed to sustain the project viably. It’s a cutthroat industry this and all of us began focusing more on our respective solo projects. I don’t think you have heard the last of TS though….

MCBN: In terms of your production, you have been pumping out tunes regularly since Sept/Oct last year and with new tunes always being released, you must be working hard in the studio, are there any other projects you may be working on??

Skragg: No at the moment I’m focusing everything I have on RABDOM L – aim to take this project to the next level in the forthcoming years. Also doing a lot of collaborations with artists I like – I find working with other artists keeps me inspired and keeps the music exciting.

MCBN: So you’ve made people scream, girls faint and partygoers make savage faces in a variety of different spots all over the globe. Where is the best party the wind has blown you and why?

Skragg: WOW this is a very difficult question to answer because I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many awesome moments with all you nutters out there. Despite that I would have to say my best ever set was at the 2002 Solar Eclipse Festival in the Kruger Park. Vortex, Alien Safari and Etnicanet threw the most amazing event in the middle of nowhere where. Myself and Phyx were given 4 hours from late in the afternoon to early evening, back to back, 4th or 5th day of the party. What happened that day was truly mystical experience for me, connecting on so many levels with such a diverse crowd. By the end of our set the dancefloor was frothing at the mouth prompting all the big names in trance like Dino Psaris and GMS etc to try and hijack the decks after us because now the floor was popping and they wanted in on the action. In fact I’ve travelled to various places around the world where people have come up to me to talk about that set.

MCBN: As one of the most respected DJs on our dark continent you must get sent more tunes then Facebook Friend Requests, What are your top 3 tracks in you dig playing at the moment?

Skragg: I wish brutha – it always feels like there are so many tunes out there I don’t have. I’m lucky enough to know a lot of producers and that’s where I get most of the music I play in my DJ set. If you make music they want then you’ll get theirs and obviously it gives you an edge when you can drop exclusive quality material. Unreleased doesn’t mean not good enough, it means its red hot off the press and hasn’t been made available to the masses yet. My top three tracks right now are Rabdom L vs Cybernetix – Daywalker, Rabdom L – Braindead and Rabdom L vs Deliriant – Torque.

MCBN: Growing up as part of Cape Town’s PSY parties, have they changed for you at all, what do you think about the scene at the moment, the amount of International DJ’s flowing onto our shores is incredible?

Skragg: Yeah the parties have changed a lot since the early days. Firstly from a musical standpoint, we’ve seen the emergence of a digital era in the last few years whereas in the early days the music was restricted to powerful analogue platforms. Technology has advanced enabling musicians to access new realms of sound production and processing resulting in what we hear today – huge, full, pumping and massive sound. Then also the crowd has grown and become so diverse – in the early goa-trance era (Mark Allen, Tsuyoshi, Kox Box, X-Dream) we saw mainly hippies and real psykadelik freedom fighters, it was still very underground back then thus not many people had ever been exposed to it. Over the years it has become more and more mainstream in Cape Town. In the beginning there was only two party organizers – Vortex and Alien. Now we have at least 10 and there’s a party every weekend during the summer months – its off the hook! I think that leads me to your next point, with so many parties the respective organizers have to make their party attractive to make people want to attend – duh! Anyway, booking a big name from abroad is one way to do that. So we’re all lucky enough to see the top names in trance all summer long and believe me – they love coming here – who wouldn’t – we really know how to gooi uber gees down here in the south.

MCBN: Being able to play your own music to thousands of crazy and usually twisted fans on the dancefloor must be an awesome feeling, but at the same time, must have led you to see some special things, anything stick out in your mind as the craziest thing you have seen behind the DJ box?

Skragg: Not just one dewd, plenty but I’ll narrow it down to two things. The first was at a NYE Vortex, cant remember which year exactly – anyway I was jamming from 11-1 crossing over into the new year. 15 minutes before the clock struck 12 their was a power cut and everything went black and the sound system kupped om. The crowd went beserk, like Zombie’s just wanting to tear us limb from limb – hurling massive abuse and everyone so trollied and hyped up, thought they were going to storm the box and start biting the machines and shit – Luckily the power was restored 5 minutes prior to midnight and the rest is history. The other amongst so many craze things was getting a strip show virtually on the decks at some dodgy indoor by two hot brazilian lesbian strippers who just decided they couldn’t take it anymore and just had to get it on right there – needless to say no-one objected or did anything to prevent them from expressing themselves.

MCBN: We recently saw you up on stage with Biorythm, that was an awesome set to say the least. Who are your favourite local DJ’s and your favourite international DJ’s at the moment? And if you could play alongside anyone, alive, dead or yet to be born who would it be? PS: Ghandi on flute is not an answer.

Skragg: Nooit I heard Ghandi rocked Cubase bra – or did he use Logic? Yeah Biorythym invited me to join them on stage at the Rezonance 2010 festival – we jammed after the A-Team and was amazing playing on such a sick setup to a massive and charged up crowd. My favourite local DJ is The Jester but I think what you really want to know is who is my favourite local producer?? Well I have a few – firstly Lost and Found is definately my number one – but he is now one of the best in the world and certainly my pick for the worlds best psytrance maker – so powerfull, innovative and massive. Then I really like Biorythym and Rubix Qube, Cybernetix, Deliriant and Pitch Hikers, but the list goes on – Headroom is super phat and Solar Axis is a project I’m watching very closely when it comes to the daytime stuff. Zion Linguist is rocking, Dirty Motion, Frozen Ghost and Hiyarant and the list goes on – we have so many great producers in Cape Town now, certainly one of the highest concentration of quality producers in the world. 

MCBN: If one day Jacob Zuma declared Trance illegal and all offenders would be shot on the spot, what music would you turn to?

Skragg: I’d move bra, Trance is a part of me and I couldn’t fathom an existence without it.

MCBN: So youre sitting with Megan Fox in lingerie and she looks over to you and makes an R18 mouth gesture and begins to climb under the DJ table, is this the perfect dream? or is there another famous apple of your eye whose distraction you’d prefer?

Skragg: This is a weird question Dr. Phil. As far as Ms Fox goes – I doubt I’d try and prevent her from doing that

Been good talking with you, thanks to everyone for all the support and great times over the years. Lets keep it going!


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