Interview with the Cyberpunkers (Italy)


Last night I was lucky enough to get to go chill, drink some beers and chat to Fabio and Masi (Thanks Danna) who make up the Cyberpunkers. These two crazy Italians gave me the low down on who they enjoying listening, the Cape Town partying scene, the story behind there masks and if any South Africa DJ’s have caught their ear while down here.

MCBN: What artists are influencing the sound you guys are playing today?

Cyberpunkers: A lot of DJ’s, too many to name, in the beginning it was rock and older punk stuff such as Korn and The Ramones. But definitely the Beastie Boys, Daft Punk (they are insane) Chemical brothers. They are both amazing acts to see live! We also like Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx ( but not so much at the moment though) Bjork, she is hot!

Bands: Sex Pistols, The Clash, Nirvana, System Of Down, Depeche Mode and Black Sabbath for the dark sound

For our melodies we use in our tracks, we like massive attack, tricky, themed sound tracks from movies such as Edward scissor hands.

MCBN: Have any of our local DJ’s caught your eye? Or should I say Ear…

Cyberpunkers: We only know Haezer and now Bruce Willis, Grave Danger and Blush and Bass because we played with them at Assembly, but from Italy we only know Haezer. We have remixed Haezer’s ‘Here come the punks’ “Who the fuck is Haezer” track! Eben is a very good guy.

MCBN: What are your 3 artists sounds are enjoying at the moment?

Cyberpunkers: Gtronic, Sterio Hero’s, Hourotron, we will be remixing Gtronic soon, he is a crazy guy!

MCBN: You must have seen some crazy things as DJ’s, what stands out in your mind as the craziest things you have seen?

Cyberpunkers: We have seen our fans who have a tattoo of our masks on their bodies, not only one but quite a few. Its really cool. We once saw a girl in Greece came who came up to us and showed us her tattoo of our two masks on her calf!

tatoo 2

tatoo 1

If some one can tattoo our logo on their body, its an incredible feeling. We are honoured that people can feel our music and enjoy it. Also when we see the crowd is screaming and jumping, is always a good thing. It makes us want to go wild!

MCBN: Having partied worldwide how does Cape Town Compare?

Cyberpunkers: Cape Town is the same level as other countries in a party scene, Pretoria was cool as well, both very good parties. Here the party was huge and the same in Pretoria, it was a rooftop party. Everyone wants to just party, scream and jump! Its better even then in Germany and Belgium and some other places in Europe, but you guys are the same as Australian people. Party people! We have the same experiences here as we do over in Australia

MCBN: How come you guys DJ in masks, whats the story behind it?

Cyberpunkers: It’s a long story, when we met 4 years ago, we had the same love for the cyberpunker character, we are DJ’s, we are producers and we want to make our interpretation of the kind of style that suited our outfit. We did the outfits with the music and we used the mask in the beginning as a fusion between human and machine. We tried to remake the same things with our mind, music, and our outfits. That is why we always use our masks for this reason! Its gives us that Cyberpunkers feel. we just use it and we go with it. The Cyberpunkers is grotesque and it inspires us to keep on going!

MCBN: Is there any single gig that stands out as your most memorable?

Cyberpunkers: We played at our own personal party in Italy, which is always fun. We did a big festival in France, we played in the middle of punk rock band and a hardcore rock band played straight after us, the vibe was insane and we fitted in perfectly. Rock into Cyberpunkers into Metal music, all in 3 hours and everyone LOVED it. This festival was the one of our best experiences for Cyberpunkers.

MCBN: If you weren’t Djing, what would you be doing?

Cyberpunkers: DJ’ing is our first job, it’s what we were brought up on. I (Masi) started at 14 years and Fabio started around the same time. We both came from 2 different projects and when we met 4 years ago we became the Cyberpunkers, since then we haven’t looked back. I (Fabio) would be a manager, it would be good for me, I would manage DJ’s, a lot of big DJ’s all around the world. Otherwise I would be a chef, I am keen to see the Good Food and Wine Festival at the CCTIC this weekend.

MCBN: What are your thoughts of coming back here again?

Cyberbunkers: We would love to come back here in the summer, possibly December but we would love come back here again, we have seen the beaches but no sun yet, which is a little pity. Next time it’ll be less partying, more sight seeing, you have a very beautiful place. If we can do one party in each city next time, then we would do that, we’ll be there 🙂

MCBN: The question on everyone in South Africa’s mind right now is who will win the upcoming world cup?

Cyberpunkers: We don’t like soccer but South Africa will win,  maybe… hahaha

Fabio and Masi… we love you, thanks for taking the time out to chat to us. We cant wait to see you guys slam it at Fiction on Saturday for Arcade’s: Mad Scientist Party (Click here)! BOOOM!


Just a little earcandy for this Friday:

Cyberpunkers Live at Plastik Club by INNATE STUDIO

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  1. Rad interview Kreg, glad you got to meet them!

    Cyberpunkers have definitely brought something fresh (and evil) into the Cape Town scene, and pose as an indication that we're very much on par with our international rivals.

    Let's prove in on Saturday 🙂

  2. Very cool interview guys. I really wish I had seen them at Assembly, guess Fiction this Saturday! Good to know Cape Town is up there with the rest of the world. I have to agree aswell, we do know how to party down here!

  3. @king Joo: I cant wait to see them at fiction, the unreleased stuff they were playing was so sick! I really think Cape Town over the next 5 years is going to trance form into, dare I say it, a mini Ibiza… we got everything possible for that to happen!

    @Caoife: thanks, had lots of fun chatting to them!

    @Calvin: Glad you like that set, I been listening to it all day! I didnt see them at Assembly either but Fiction, Stellies and a Secret party still to come! We in for a treat!

  4. yo guys. cyberpunkers did not remix 'here come the punks'…they remixed 'who the fuck is haezer'…

  5. @Eben: Sorry about that one brother, you are right! Going to change that now! Thanks for letting us know… my bad!

  6. OMG!!!!! I am the girl from Greece… this is my tattooooo!!!

    <3 Cyberssssss! <3

  7. @katè: That is awesome, the Cyberpunkers are insane… Cant believe u the girl with the tattoo! AWESOME!!!!

  8. @Kreg: heyyyy back from Greece…!!! =)

    yeaaaaaeezzz… this is mee…! it was a freaking surprise to see the picture of my tattoo that Fabio took back in September 2009… =)

    they are trully insane!!!

    it must have been a pretty amazing tour they had there!

    it was surely absolute fun for all of us to have them here in Greece (just this once…)

    looking forward to see them in Italy on the 9th of October…

    thanx for the cool interview… 😉

  9. @katè: I still cant believe it is you, how did you find the interview? When I spoke to Fabio and Masi, they both said it was an honour to have someone tattoo their logo onto themselves. They are really LEGENDARY guys.

    Wish we could have down here again, they fucking rock!! Enjoy them in Italy and let us know how it goes! Sure it will be nothing less then INSANE!

    Glad you liked the interview 🙂

  10. @Kreg: the honour was ours to have them play in our event… we had a blast and we thank them for that! we were pretty much into tears when they had to leave… hahaha!

    they sure are legendary! it's always nice to meet succesfull people who are so down to earth but still know how to party…! 😉

    now about the interview…well, I was browsing through some photos on the internet (via google images) and there it was… my tattoo! so I opened the related link and boom! I found your interview…

    it was a great honour and surprise for me to see that they have also uploaded this photo on their official website along with one of the pictures I took for them when they played here…

    I surely hope we can keep contact…it's pretty amazing meeting people from this far end of the world! especially ones that love the Cyberpunkers!! 🙂

    keep in touch! 🙂

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