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The combination of Mike Mike Van As and David Coe have teamed up together to form a force in the PSYtrance scene called PlusMinus, we were stoked to catch up with Mike and Dave while they were chilling having some drinks at Banana Jam and we got chatting to them about a few things ranging from trance music and its production to groupies and crazy hippies.

MCBN: Plusminus: Interesting name, so who is Plus and who is Minus? Give us a little bit of background into PlusMinus and more or less (see what I did there) how it came about.

Plusminus: Haha, you have no idea how many people ask that. For some reason everyone thinks I’m plus (Dave) so mike gets tuned minus all the time. hahahaha

The name comes from when we used to practice at daves place till late hours of the morning.

We had these shitty CDJ generic things called IONS and they never had a jog wheel to change the pitch which made mixing really hard.

All we had were these two little buttons. One a plus and one a minus.

So after tapping these things for hours and hours the name came out as plusminus.

MCBN: You guys have been DJ’ing for a while now, have you seen any change to the psytrance scene since you started going to parties all those moons ago, if so, what are these changes?

Plusminus: Like all things with time comes change. There have been both good and bad in our eyes. The change from Prog at the beginning of a lot of parties to electro, techno and minimal has been cool. Also the age difference and size of attendance has grown which is good and bad we suppose.

MCBN: The age old question we love asking DJ’s, what is the craziest thing that you have seen while behind the decks at a party?

Plusminus: lol, This could go on for a while.

I remember you asking us this a while back and we came to the conclusion the craziest has to be when we were playing at the train lodge a few years back for an organic party I think, and dave was mixing or something and I (mike) smelt smoke from somewhere around us. I started freaking out and called the engineer and he checked everything, amps etc and all seemed fine on his part. So I left it.

After about 5 minutes dave starts jumping around and his pants were on fire! The flames were jumping up his legs and all I could do was laugh! He finally managed to put it out.

MCBN: So you guys are pretty famous around these parts, how is the groupie situation down here in the Cape, ever had any female items of clothing thrown at you while DJ’ing? (anything tye-dye doesn’t count)

Plusminus: Haha don’t know about famous or groupies 🙂 One time some chick threw a bra at us, I’m sure it was directed at Dave. 🙂 she came and asked for it back afterwards.

MCBN: Who are your favourite local and international acts?

Plusminus: Local acts range from Danalog, Bruce, Humerous and Silo, Switchcache, Biorythm and Rubix, Slug, Gandalf,  Lox  and most of the SA NANO guys. Too many to mention! J

Internationals, Bliss and Painkiller, Principles of Flight RAM, NRS, Brainwash, Panik, Speedball, Orca, Technodrome Outersignal. etc

MCBN: Any chance that’ll we see PlusMinus doing a live act anytime soon? Do you have any other projects that you guys are working on that we should know about?

Plusminus: Almost done with our first live set. Nothing much like our DJ sets, a lot lighter daytime styles. Should be ready in a few months.

We don’t have much time to write so finishing stuff off is quite hard but were getting there.

MCBN: We all know Cape Town has the best trance parties in the world, what is the biggest event you have played at and which party would you guys say is the best you have been to in Cape Town?

Plusminus: The biggest party for us must have been the first NYE vortex we played at about 3 years ago. Don’t know how many people but the floor was full all the way to the back and as wide as possible aswel. Was quite nerve racking!

There are too many to say which one. Haha. But for us most probably a crystal vision party about 6 years ago. Don’t know who played or when it was but it was awesome.

MCBN: Quality outdoor parties in Cape Town seem to be dying out faster than fans of Elvis, with parties every 3rd weekend or so now, why do you think this is? Tell us which parties we will be seeing you guys play at in the next few months?

Plusminus: Its most probably because of the lack of venues and the strict restrictions one needs to comply with when throwing an outdoor psy event. And the cost of expenses for everything it takes to thrown one!

One can go to the Plusminus page on Facebook  to check gigs.

MCBN: Have either of you two DJ’ed overseas or been partying overseas? What do you think the international psytrance scene is like when compared to South Africa’s? I personally think we have the best in the world here!

Plusminus: Never played overseas! Hopefully soon. 🙂

The scene seems to be a lot more constant overseas but not anything like what we have in SA.

MCBN: If you could have a 2 hour back to back set with any DJ in the world in any country across the world, who would that DJ be, where would it be and why?

Plusminus: For mike it most probably would be bliss or painkiller And for me (dave) would be NRS or Outer Signal.

MCBN: Finally would you rather wear a mankini (you know that nice lumo costume Borat wore) on Clifton 4th beach on the hottest day of the year or end EVERY sentence with “in my pants” regardless of what the conversation is about for 3 days?

Plusminus: WTf Kreg. That’s really random. Haha. (Mike) I would do both, for money.

(dave) doesn’t answer, just laughs.


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