Interview with Pascal and Pearce


We were down having a lunch-time drink at our local watering hole and bumped into local Cape Town producer/dj double act Pascal & Pearce (strange coincidence)… seeing as we had our pen and paper with us (even stranger coincidence) we proceeded to ask them a couple of questions.

MCBN: Since the release of Disco Biskit on Beatport we’ve been following your astronomical rise to success as both DJ’s and producers. Typically how long does it take you to whip a track together?

Pascal: That’s a tricky one to answer, it can vary quite a lot! Some tracks we fiddle with for like ages, some of our tracks have taken a few months and others we can finish in a few days. The fastest we’ve ever whipped a track together from start to finish was six hour

MCBN: Can we expect any new releases from you boys in the near future

Dave: We’ve got quite a few releases coming up, we’re busy doing some remixes for local labels and getting originals done for a label overseas. A German label is trying to get the rights for the Knight Rider theme song, and if they get them we can release our bootleg which would be exciting.

Pascal: We’ve also got another original coming out on Electric Sushi, the label that released Disko Biskit. There are remixes by Kyle Watson and Nesono, it’s gonna be a cracker!

MCBN- awesome, we cant wait. Any chance of you doing a remix of Mnet’s Carte Blanche theme song? We think it would do really well and Derek would love it.

Dave: Hahaha, we’d have to try find the sample for that, if someone cared enough to rip the audio we’d consider giving it a go! You could make a Youtube clip with carte blanch scenes and that song playing, try get a million hits.

MCBN: Having seen the likes of Ben Keen and Andy Farley along with Joel B and Wayne Burgess complete some utterly maniacal back2back sets in the past where guys literally headlock each other to get the next track, you guys seem to be pretty civil (most of the time, I repeat, most of the time). Ever really have any argy bargy between you over who gets to play the next track?

Dave: Not really hey, it’s pretty relaxed! Generally we just go one-one, but if one of us needs the bathroom or has to get drinks then the other just covers, it’s never really a problem.

Pascal: For some reason Dave always wants to play the Dancing Zorba, and for some unknown unrelated reason this song seems to pop up quite often towards the end of the set. Nowadays it’s about the funniest thing around!

MCBN: Between you two, who would win an arm-wrestling match?

Dave: I’d probably say Pasci. I mean, sure I’ve got the size advantage, but few people know that Pasci is actually a direct blood descendant of the real King Leonidis from 300.

Pascal: 🙂

MCBN: And a bar fight with a group of agitated Russian circus midgets? (I’m backing Pascal on this one, I’ve never seen anyone else use a jar of salted peanuts as a weapon before)

Pascal: Haha what kind of a question is that? Obviously we’d team up and take those little gypsy’s down, we’re both originally from Joburg you know.

MCB: P&P has been doing the rounds in SA nightclubs this year, any plans to play overseas soon?

Dave: Going overseas is something we’d both really like to do, we’ve just got to wait for the right time I guess. We’ve spoken about it a bit but nothing is penned down at the moment, hopefully next year will be our year!

Pascal: We’ve got a mad month coming up for gigs, in 9 days we’ve got 2 gigs in Cape Town, 2 gigs in Joburg, and 4 gigs in Durban. It’s going to be pretty hectic, but we’re looking forward to it!

MCBN: P&P will be headlining a new weekly party called Pure Filth at the Temple starting this Thursday. Could you guys tell us a little bit more?

Pascal: Pure Filth is a night aimed at students, who have tight budgets and still want to party. It’s only 30 bucks to get in and there are dirt cheap drink specials the whole night. The most important thing for us is the music policy, where DJ’s are booked for their style and energy, and get the free reign to play what they please. Banging filthy electro and fidget beats all night long, what could be better? Myself and Dave will be weekly residents, with mad guest DJ’s weekly. Go check the group on facebook for more info!

MCBN: Other than at Pure Filth every week, where can we expect to see you guys banging out your unique brand of dirty electro over the upcoming months?

Dave: We play most Sunday’s at the Sunday Sessions at Karma, it’s a really cool venue with a chilled vibe, perfect for Sundays! We also have a few gigs coming up at Club 91 in Claremont over the next few months, we’ll be there for some Saturdays and some Monday student nights which they’re launching in December. Otherwise you can always catch us at Cape Town Alive parties, they’re always sick, and various other parties around Cape Town and SA.

MCBN: Both of you have fantastically gorgeous and incredibly understanding girlfriends. Do your significant others ever give you any grief about the assortment of female and sometimes male undergarments left in your DJ bags as “gifts of appreciation” that you guys bring home after sets?

Dave: Haha yeah we’re both fortunate to have such great girlfriends, they’re generally cool with the late night gigs and all-day studio sessions. But what are these undergarments of which you speak? Can’t say that’s ever happened to me, haha I guess I must be the ugly one!

Pascal: Lol, this is by far the best interview!!

MCBN: What is your favourite track right now?

Dave: Mmm… Defunct! – Fokken Lekker (Kyle Watson’s motherland remix)

Pascal: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. probably Wolfgang Gartner – Wild Card

MCBN: Out of all the gigs you guys have played over the years, which set sticks in your mind as the most memorable?

Pascal: We’ve been lucky enough to play some really cool gigs in the last year for which we’re both really grateful. I’d probably say our set at Earthdance this year, playing on a huge outdoor stage for thousands of people, not much gets better than that!

Dave: Earthdance was very cool, the crowd was so into it and receptive. I’d also say our set last year on matric rage at the Wavehouse in Gateway, playing to like 7,000 people after DJ’s Fresh and Euphonik that was really cool.

MCBN: So both of you are Liverpool supporters. That’s unfortunate (not really a question I know)

Dave: Yeah things haven’t been going so well this year… Oh well, come on the reds!

MCBN: Then finally, we had to finish this off in style, so… Would you rather be locked in a room playing Kurt Darren’s new sokkie trefers for 24 hours or sit next to a chronically obese Australian man with serious flatulence on a 15 hour flight with no option to move?

Pascal: Hahaha, definitely the sokkie trefers, although it’s an extra 8 hours, there’s nothing like spending a whole calendar day rocking it out with the legendary Kurt Darren boet. If you haven’t done a 24-hour kurtathon, you haven’t lived.

Dave: Probably the flight, contrary to popular opinion Australians are actually pretty nice people. I’m sure the larger gentleman would have very interesting things to say! Haha, besides, you’ll probably have at least 3 meals brought right to you during those 15 hours, you can’t beat having food brought to you!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing P&P ripping up sum serious tunez tomorrow at PUREfilth 😀

    lets go disco!!!!

  2. yassis, im excited hey, cant wait to see the boys in action again… Going to see if I can work a download or two from them for the site, see how generous the brothers are feeling:)

    Disco Disco!!

  3. AWESOME website!!!! Well done guys 🙂 Loved the Liverpool "question" the most…. hahahaha 🙂

  4. Thanks BLythie, hehehe, I love it too, I know P&P also loved it… Such a great interview! Hope to see you at Pure Filth on thursday 🙂

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