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After a long arduous day at work creating mystery, mayhem and literary art for all you intrepid readers; Ricky and I had to drop a mate off at the airport. Little did we know we would be bumping into none other then one of the greatest trance DJ and all round legendary guy: Painkiller. So before he departed our fairest lands, we decided to pick his brain on a couple of rather pertinent topics. 

MCBN: So this is your second visit to Cape Town, did you enjoy it as much as we did? How was your Vortex expedition, besides the sweltering heat? 

Painkiller: Well, I Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did!!! hehehe and I wish to stay in the HEAT for more time cause here in Europe its freezing… br br br… 

MCBN: You have circumnavigated our planet playing to audiences on a truly global scale. If you take a look back on your travels, where is the place that jumps up, grabs you by the man plums and shouts: “Hey, that was undoubtedly the greatest venue ever”?  

Painkiller: Ive been to Burning man 2000 (the craziest festival on earth in nevada “black rock” desert), this changed my life I could say, and manyyyyyyyy other parties and festivals along the years that I definitely will remember for good! Its hard question because you always find something you haven’t seen before… and you always meet new people everywhere and that adds colours to you adventures. 

MCBN: We’re rather proud trancers down south, we like to think we’re the Dalai Lamas of loud thumping psychedelic beats. How do we compare to the rest of the world? Are we really as crazy as we think?  

Painkiller: Its DEFINITELY kicking in SA, mainly Cape Town ofcourse, and with its High Quality events, with proper sound and audience and everything. Wow, we are lucky coming down here and playing the new fresh tunes among the well known tracks and we were just very happy with everything! 

The atmosphere is crazy, but much better, cause its already beyond craziness. You people show that you REALLY love what you do, and that you really Love trancing together and share those pure energies ! 

MCBN: Playing in front of massive crowds and getting to watch them stomp on the front of the dance floor to your own tracks must be a lifelong goal come true. But what is the most outlandish, bizarre, deranged, even borderline illegal thing you have seen while spinning? 

Painkiller: A little secret…since I realize I need glasses to focus my sight.., I see less and less bad things, cause when I play I take them off, and than everybody is beautiful, and “only good things” happens… hehehe …

MCBN: You are part of Nutek records, you must receive more tracks than Paris Hilton receives venereal diseases, are there any Up and Coming DJ’s we should keep our eyes open for? 

Painkiller: Sure, you can always find yourself updated on the Nutek website But mainly its our artists who makes the killer tracks and give it to our DJ’s, So you definitely have to watch out for PunchLine, Audio Hijack, BioGenesis as for younger projects, you probably already know the working tools, Cpu, Mekkanikka, A-Team and more… 

MCBN: We have all seen you playing a live and a DJ set down here in the Cape, which do you prefer and do you approach them differently? 

Painkiller: I prefer to enjoy, one or the other, all is good ! In my Live set I play my newest tracks  & some collaborations and in my DJ set, I play also my tracks, collaborations, and some fresh tunes from other artists that I have to check if they are working well or not.. hehehe

On the stage you have to give the maximum to your dancing crowd, so its basically the same approach, just slightly different method… 

MCBN: We know you work together with Bliss and make up the A Team, what an awesome combination. Are there any other side projects you are working on and are you venturing off into any other genres of electronica? And do you see yourself as more of a Murdock or a Mr T type character? 

Painkiller: Actually, there are 5 questions in this question… So to make it easier on you, Yonatan (Bliss) is supposedly “Murdock” and I’m supposedly “Face”, Mr T and Hannibal are still missing, maybe we will find them one day… hehehe

A-Team is the main collaboration project together with Yonatan (Bliss) but at the same time I have more collaborations, with good friends, such as Lost & Found, Azax Syndrom, Slug, CPU, Mekkanikka, Madmax, Absolum, Toxic, Punchline, BioGenesis, Insomnia and more… 

MCBN: Heres a scenario: Tomorrow you’re in a tragic hotdog eating accident and you lose the ability to hear. What would you do with your life? Any other occupations caught your fancy? 

Painkiller: Don’t be so cruel man.. ask me anything but not this… hehehe 

MCBN: One question I think all of our readers would like to know, would we be seeing you back in Cape Town anytime soon? I sure would love that… 

Painkiller: I would Love that!!!! actually…I have played a few other parties since that Rezonance New Years Festival, and man…nothing compares to it yet this year,

I think it was one of the greatest parties indeed !!!!! 

MCBN: And finally, would you rather… Move to Uzbekistan and become a native goat herder in freezing temperatures for the rest of your life, or have a child with Whoopi Goldberg after trying and failing for six months without being able to listen to trance? 

Painkiller: I would rather stay in my Studio with the view of Gaudi Curch, in Barcelona, and make another album of psy trance, which is almost ready by the way, and than finish few electro tracks I started a while ago, and on and on.., u must be more tempting with your options, freezing goat and Whoopi Goldberg…Hehehe 

Thanks for you interview,

Best wishes for 2010,

Stay Tuned…


MCBN: Thank you for taking the timeout to chat to us and I really do hope we catch you down in Cape Town again soon. Keep doing what you doing and producing the best the psychedelic trance out there.  


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