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MyCityByNight was enjoying a relaxed business lunch at Mavericks (as we often do), when who did we see tucking into a side-order of breasts (of the chicken variety)? None other than local Cape Town dj-extraordinaire and super close buddy Neil Tall. We proceeded to ask him a few questions about love-making, dj poses and pulling through for the team.

MCBN: You come across as quite a shy guy, although 4 out of 5 girls that we spoke to said that you are far more bearable with your shirt off. We wonder if this is the bad kind of positive, like with a pregnancy test, or whether we should start working out more.

Tall: ha ha! I heard 6.5 out of 10 statistics are made up?

Starting off your early dj career with a residency at Bambu, we’ve seen you around the club scene for quite some time, how long have you been djing?

Tall: I’ve been playing for about 5 years now. I started playing at private events such as 21sts, 30ths, 40ths, 50ths and even 60ths! I was never into the whole Wedding vibe.

I entered the club scene in Stellenbosch where I played for booze most of the time!

Started in the “Town” scene at BAMBU, and from there on played all over like La Med, Wadda, Opium Beach Bar, Karma, FTV, Chevelle and other dodgy bars I’d rather not mention ha ha!

You’ve just signed with Hype Media, does your manager know you’re here? As a DJ did you find it difficult in the days before you had a manager to book gigs etc?

Tall: No she doesn’t!

Umm, no not really. To be honest, I haven’t really made the effort to play EVERY club in Cape Town. If I have 1 gig a week I’m stoked! And I’ve been fortunate enough to have residencies. Don’t get me wrong, having a manager is great! I have been booked a lot more and she takes care of all the admin (chick stuff!), so it’s a huge bonus for me!

We’ve heard you play everything from commercial house to electro and big room progressive trance. What style of music do you enjoy playing the most?

Tall: DJing for me is all about timing, I’ve had more fun playing for 50yr olds jamming to Black Sabbath than I have playing in most clubs. But if I could choose my music and crowd, it would have to be Progressive House in a huge underground cellar! With lasers obviously!

What’s your favourite track right now?

Tall: Difficult question because I have a new one every week (thanks to Charlie!)

But right now it would have to be Neelix – Leave Me Alone. A bit of Psy-trance

Any plans to produce your own tracks in the near future?

Tall: Who knows hey?! At the moment I’m focussing on things other than putting a studio together. For my next challenge maybe!

In the late night set at Plastic Fantastic at Chevelle, where you are a resident, we’ve given you the wink and called on your dj powers to drop a lekker treffer, which allows us to show off our dance moves to the mooiness that we’re trying to impress at the time. We know this isn’t a question, its just more of a thanks.

Tall: Ha ha ha! I’m always willing to help out where I can! This doesn’t mean I do requests! No I’m not going to give a shout out to your friend for her birthday! And I don’t care that it’s her favourite song in the WHOLE world or that you have to go home soon….. oh wait, is THAT your friend? What song did she want?? Hahaha!

You’ve been known to break the odd heart and make mooiness feint on the dancefloor by just pointing at them mid-set! Do your dj groupies ever do anything strange like slash tyres or graffiti random bridges around the city with their love declarations?

Tall: I really don’t know how to answer that! I’m probably the shyest DJ you know. Apart from the “late night set” when I’ve got a couple of tequilas in me!

I don’t know of any groupies. There was that one sign on the M3 that read, “I love you Gary!” but I’m not sure who it was from…or if it was for me? don’t think so.

We’ve seen you do the headphone touch and dj trademarked, head tilt to the side during your sets. Are there any poses in particular that you find to be most effective for looking cool while playing?

Tall: I think you have it pretty much covered, although I would put a “wink & point” in the mix.

If there was one act/ dj that you would love to play alongside, who would it be?

Only one? I think the first name that jumps to mind is Daft Punk! I’ve had the privilege to see some of their live sets on YouTube. They are insane! But my informant tells me that they are not currently touring, maybe MCBN can persuade them to visit good old Cape Town??

MyCityByNight has had the misfortune of playing against you in a football (soccer) match and your style of play can be described as dirty and a little bit aggressive. Are there any comparisons to your style of love-making to be made?

Tall: No comparison whatsoever! Except for the dirty and aggressive part!

Where can we expect to see you play over the next couple of weeks?

Tall: You can see me at Chevelle every Friday night – feel free to buy me a tequila

There is a new club that opened next to FTV called 121Castle, I think I’m booked to play there in weeks to come. Also Karma on Saturday nights.

And finally, what everyone out there obviously wants to know-

Would you rather be the guy tasked with cleaning up the set of a Peter North porno or drop that new Make the Circle Bigger treffer by JR and HHP in every set you play for the next month?

I’ve played worse songs trust me! so I guess… “Show dem! JR Show dem!”

Thanks so much for taking the time out to chat with us Neil, we’ll be giving you the wink this Friday! J

For more information about Neil and where to book him check out …. on Facebook – Neil Tall


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