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Kreg and I were feeling a little bit bored at the MCBN headquarters  when we decided to pass the time by playing the rhyme game. When I asked Kreg what rhymes with razor- he thought for a little bit and then jumped up from his seat and said HAEZER!!! So we decided to give the guy a shout and find out a little bit more about the man behind the music, the crazy amounts of tequila thrown down his throat and the a bit about his European tour.

MCBN: You’re quite a fan of slamming down tequila straight from the bottle during your sets. Do you ever find yourself getting too loose to mix properly, or is that actually just apple juice in that bottle??

Haezer: haha.  I’ve never been worried that I won’t be able to mix if i party too hard.  Djing is all about fun. Because i play 90% my own stuff, I know my set pretty well and that gives me freedom to just fuck around with different layers of the same track or playing around with effects.  If i fuckup a mix a bit, i don’t really care…as long as that mistake is unnoticeable I’m not too worried. as long as the crowd is jamming out.

MCBN: Where does the name Haezer come from?

Haezer: My pappa gave it to me….my full name is Ebenhaezer Smal. Boom!

MCBN: Kreg has referred to your sound as industrial electro (but then again he DOES have a fascination with power tools). How would you personally describe the style of music that you play?

Haezer: As I said, I mostly play original and remixes of my own stuff. I’d say (if i’m forced to put my music in a genre) that my music is ‘death gangsta’ or ‘gangsta death’?

The rest of the stuff is mostly electroclashy punky gangsta vibes.

MCBN: How long ago did you start DJing? And when was the moment that you decided that this could be something that you could do professionally.

Haezer: About a year and a half ago… I thought I can do this professionally the second I saw people fucking out when I played an original track… I think it was ‘destroy the dancefloor’ in mystic boer.

MCBN: Since signing GRIET last year you have had a fairly meteoric rise to stardom with gigs for this year including some awesome countries like Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and our favourite the Netherlands (Amsterdam). What has the journey been like for you thus far?

Haezer: It’s just rad being overseas, cause i’ve never been. I’m on a train to amsterdam right now, so can’t say much.  Stayed with the most awesome people (thanks Daniel and Anna) last night and playing with Midnight Juggernauts and Holy Fuck tonight.  So far i’m loving the architecture, the people, the beer, the food…there’s not one wall that’s not FILLED with graffiti. it’s crazy.(I’m talking about berlin) go to to check out my tour diary (click this link to follow Haezer’s European tour over at Dont Party)

MCBN: We’ve had some memorable nights jamming with you including one of your most recent and our favourite set back2back with El Gordo at the BeCollective party. You have played at all the big outdoor festivals, do any gigs stand out for you as being epically memorable?

Haezer: Well, I think Rocking the Daisies was cool, cause not a lot of people knew who I was and haven’t seen me perform live.  when they checked me going to the front rocking out and pouring shit into their mouths they totally got my vibe and joined in on the fun.  so that was really cool…

I also really enjoyed playing the Arcade tent at Earthdance.

MCBN: What is the first CD you ever bought? Who influenced you along the way?

Haezer: My first cd was Monster Hits 2.  Jissis I listened that cd to DEATH!  Luckily my brother was a bit of a rock ‘n rolla, so at a very young age I was jamming to Beck, Violent Femmes and Offspring.

MCBN: What is your favourite track right now?

Haezer: Today?…nick cave and the bad seeds – red right hand

MCBN: How did it feel to do your first stage dive? Are we going to see a couple more in the near future along with your crazy on stage antics?

Haezer: I do enjoy stage diving – being in the crowd with the people dancing to your music…my first stage dive was funny.  I got caught and then pretty much hit the floor immediately.  Gotta loose some pounds man! haha.

MCBN: If you could play alongside any DJ/group dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Haezer: At the moment Cyberpunkers are my favourite producers…so playing with them in Cape Town and Pretoria was a huge honour.

i don’t really know who i want to play with…I just like playing, doesn’t matter who it’s with. I think i’d dig to open for Proxy.

MCBN: You are the founder of TITES (which reads suspiciously like a part of a woman’s anatomy), could you tell us a little bit more? And what ever happened to those parties?

Haezer: I’m bored of talking about TITES…it’s over…it was a cool idea, but i had no time.  I’m now focusing on GARDEN BOYS – a party myself and Markus Wormstorm are throwing at Fiction monthly.

MCBN: As you are well aware, once you have been interviewed on MCBN you’ve officially made it to the big time (haha). What are your plans for the rest of the year DJ-wise.

Haezer: Check, DJing is fun and I love it…but it’s not my number one priority.  My single “Who The Fuck Is Haezer” is being released on Freakz Me Out…it’s got remixes by Beelzebass, Cyberpunkers, Noize Generation, Trumpdisco, Deadbots, Saint pauli and Gehts Nocht.

Then i’m releasing my first e.p on Tuffem up records and doing a tour with Gtronic in Australia. Then we want to hit South America in October and trying to secure some gigs in hong kong…but more importantly I want to finish my album.

MCBN: Before asking this let us clarify- this is a question that our female readers wanted answered. Are you currently sharing the toothpaste with a significant other?

Haezer: I’m using whatever toothpaste I can get…

But at this stage i’m verry happy brushing my teeth op my eish…

MCBN: Any advice for budding DJ’s out there, just starting off?

Haezer: Make your own music and DJ that…it gives you the edge of always having an unique set.

MCBN: People go nuts when you play (us included). What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen during a set?

Haezer: Don’t really know man…I guess people getting thrown off stage by bouncers, stage diving and once some dude got all excited and messed his WHOLE BEER out on my APC…

MCBN: Now for the famous MCBN would you rather question-

Would you rather watch an entire season of the 80’s classic Golden Girls over the course of a weekend


Get stuck in room for a whole 24 hours with Julius Malema on the mic busting Elton John classic’s with his newly brought karaoke set?

Haezer: I love Golden Girls…the tall blondie was hilarious.  I don’t suffer fools.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us and best of luck for your European tour, but I don’t think you need much luck. Look forward to seeing how mad things get down there!

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  1. Would love to hear haezer’s – Who the fuck is Haezer, but the Cyberpunkers and Beezlebub remix, I know how good the original is, so can only imagine how good the remix is!

    Haezer is so mental when on stage. dig him!

  2. hahahaha Jes -witha-Z, I had to put the pic up just for that, the shocked look and the tight leg grab:)

    @J-Dog: I have heard the Cyberpunkers remix and its shit hot, would love to hear the beazlebub remix, he has been cooking things lately!

  3. haha y u use that photo there another one that better u cant see my head haha

  4. Haezer is definately one of our favourites! And jesz- u do look a little shocked by his manhood right in your face there! But u've got a pretty firm hold of his leg there! Hahaha

  5. haha wasnt prepared for him to want head while he was on stage i'm sorry 🙂

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