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We were down at the local tattoo parlour deciding on whether to get that “THUG LIFE” tattoo emblazoned across our bellies when MyCityByNight bumped into sibling dj duo Grave Danger in the process of adding to their impressive collection of body ink. We proceeded to ask them a couple of questions about dj-ing, Durban and Patricia Lewis.

MCBN- Grave Danger, that’s a rad name. Other than the threat you guys pose to any sound system with your slamming beats is there a particular story behind the name?

IAN- Well it all started when we thought, ok lets name ourselves something clever, Lets think how do we make other people feel intimidated by us before we even start playing. After about a second of thinking about it, this guy on the T.V said “and im afraid ma’am but all these Kids are in Grave Danger” Bang, Bobs your uncle and before I said anything Malcolm jumped up and said Ok Ian im claiming it, Its Grave Danger, but we know it was a mutual decision.

MALCOLM- Ian and I always wanted to be in a Dj Thing together, we did’nt Know what to call it, Then Bam, Susan’s your auntie, Grave Danger it is. Ian was gonna say it first but I got in there and claimed it! Sorry bro.

MCBN- When we heard you play at Plastic Fantastic the other night, we heard you take it from a sort of mid-beat electro to slamming filth… We even heard you drop a tasty remix of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York (what a tune by the way). How would you describe the style of music that you play?

MALCOLM We got all different tastes, playing a full dance floor we play Electro, mainly banging basslines and chunky drums, lots of remixes but only the really good ones, there is a lot of crap that is out there, But Jacking Electro House is basically where it could be slotted into.

Ian – Banging Banging Banging Tunes, Stuff that makes you think about adult Nappies.

MCBN- One night while ripping it up at Arcade some time back, we noticed these two DJ’s: Magnum Hi FI and Kid Colt (before Grave Danger came about)… the set was ridiculous and a memory that sticks in our head is of you two going so totally apeshit behind the decks afterwards, that you knocked both Bruce Willis??? and the mixers over with one deft move… Any parties in particular stand out for you as being memorable?

Ian- Oh Ja, completely overboard. That was actually my fault. Um I must say I can’t seem to get Rocking the Daisies 2009 out of my head, That crowd was really Just so big (bigger than anything that we’ve played in front of before) and happy and jumping and going crazy for us, that is why we do this shit, Fukn Making crowds crease!

MALCOLM- hahaha, Funny that, fuk what a bunch of douche’s always something. Well as ian said Rocking the daisies, That is what it is about, I could play in front of crowds like that for the rest of my life.

MCBN- You two are originally from the city of poison, Durban, what made you guys decide to move to Cape Town? (other than the hotter girls of course)

Malcolm- DJing wise it was the only thing to do as far as South Africa is going. Needed to play as much as I could, The only reason that I did come here was to play, Ja, Then I told Ian “You get here now Cause this Place Rocks” he said, “ Ok boetie” I said Cheers, Then Knock Knock, Who’s there?..Its Ian arsehole. WOhooo. Lets fukn tear this place apart. Oki Dokes.

IAN-Mal told me that I must come here, best thing I’ve done, and we get to rock it out together, Playing in Durbs is basically once in a blue moon, only logical to come here and smash some dance floors.

MCBN- We’ve seen you guys get pretty crazy behind the decks before (see above example), being brothers do you ever fight about who gets to play the next track?

IAN- We don’t fight about that its pretty mellow between us when we play, unless one of us is too drunk then you will see us having a go at each other.

Otherwise we brothers, we fight then cry then hug it out then its all good for a couple of months.

Malcolm- No I make sure that we have equal good tracks so I don’t end up telling mom that ian has more than me..

MCBN- What is your favourite track right now? Careful not to let any trade secrets out of course 😉

IAN- FranK Sinatra_New York, you know which one. Im not telling who does the remix.

Malcolm- Fuk I dunno, actually really don’t know, I know its minimal tho.

MCBN- We have seen the meteoric rise of Grave Danger in Cape Town, who has influenced you along the way and which DJ’s do you enjoy listening to in and around CT?

Malcolm- I Dig Dj Lapse, Belushi, Ivan, Niskerone,Haezer, Al john Hyphen, Mix n Blend Lots of them have influeced our vibe. We dig lots of Dj’s.

Ian- Same as Mal.

MCBN- Dj’s normally have fairly good stories to tell about groupies, free alcohol and mini-tigers. What’s the craziest thing that you guys have seen behind the decks?

Ian- Hmm. Not sure, nothing to write home about yet..i have had a full length pee behind the decks at a venue i cant was AWESOME!!

Malcolm- My Friend was having a hard time, and he was lying by my feet right where I was playing and was crying and being all sad. Shame, he is much better now. not so crazy…

MCBN- Where can we expect to see Grave Danger play over the next couple of weeks and months?

Ian- Karma, Assembly, Ramfest, Synergy, Chevelle, Stellenbosch, Snow Cat outdoor party, Everywhere and anywhere, we need some gigs in joburg and Poisin city

MCBN- You are dj’s by night, how do you pass the rest of your time?

Ian- I spend it on the computer with my Girlfriend Robynn, With my bro, on the interent, On the beach and in the sea.

Malcolm- I spend most of the time crying about my ex girlfriend, on the Computer, On the internet, in my beautiful car “Esta”. On the beach. Designing crap and making jokes. And always hustling for cash, fuk that is actually what I do all the time

MCBN- Then the question we’ve all really wanted to know the answer to… If Patricia Lewis proposed to either of you, would you accept and walk down the aisle? Remember that she did once go out with the Hoff and it might be difficult to live down having his sloppy seconds by marrying Patricia. On the other hand her hair is quite cool and she’s famous… in South Africa.

Malcolm- Yes Yes Yes, she has money and big boobies.

Ian- Um I dunno, its kinda weird to think about. Okay yes, why not, it would be a good story to tell for the next interview!

Thanks guys, its been an absolute pleasure chatting to you. We hope to see Grave Danger slamming it behind the decks all summer long! DISCO DAMAGE!

Ian & Malcolm– Cool legends. KEEP IT GRAVE.


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