Interview with Francois Louw

We were down at the gym spading girls and getting in shape for summer when MyCityByNight ran into Stormers and Western Province rugby superstar and good mate Francois Louw. He took a bit of time out from bench pressing mini-busses to chat to us and answer a few burning questions.


MCBN- You are a Cape Town guy if we’ve ever met one, what does it feel like each time that you run out on the Newlands pitch for WP or the Stormers?

That is true, I am from Cape Town…  It’s an amazing atmosphere at Newlands.  The fans are great and really supportive.  And to run out for WP and the Stormers is a massive honour.  It’s absolutely amazing!

MCBN- We thought that you had an absolutely awesome season and we were quite bummed when we saw that you didn’t make the SA squad for the overseas tour. Is that a goal for you next season?

The season went well for us.  Just a pity we couldn’t pull through in the semis.  Obviously every player hopes to be selected for his country but there is not much you can to besides play to your best and make sure you are always prepared.

MCBN- Normally guys don’t mind being bitten occasionally by a sexy little girl but it is rather a bit of problem when its done by a player on the opposing rugby team (LIONS). Have anything to say about the arm-biting incident? We do and they ALL involve swearwords.

Well let’s rather say a sexy girl.  Leave the ‘little’ out. Haha!  It actually all came as quite a shock.  I remember trying to steal the ball and then feeling a very sharp pain on my forearm.  Look I know guys get worked up and it’s in the moment kind of thing but biting is just taking it to the extreme.  Not cool.

MCBN- Over the years you’ve put in some monster tackles. The one that sticks in our mind is the hit against John Smit the SA rugby captain when he just came back from injury for the Sharks. He was awfully surprised when he got demolished by a guy a couple of years his junior. Any matches or tackles stand out for you as being memorable?

Well I don’t really remember the tackle on John Smit.  Sure it couldn’t have been too big.  I actually can’t remember any big hits from my side.  Juan Smith did give me a killer hand-off in 2008.  That was pretty huge.  Otherwise making my debut for the Stormers in 2008 against the Bulls will always be quite a memorable moment for me.

MCBN- When you are not smashing up other players with your huge bone-breaking defence and breaking through the opposition line with the deftness of a dancer, what do you keep yourself busy with?

Well thanks for all the complements.  Glad to see you guys think I’m such a mean player.  Haha!  We’ll we’ve just had a little break from all the rugby, which is definitely needed.  So I’ve just been relaxing in Cape Town, seeing mates and the odd cheeky beer and a braai.  I’ve also just recently got a website up and running as you know.  Keeps me busy.

MCBN- If you weren’t a professional rugby player what would your ideal job be?

Well I think I’d be in a band and hopefully be good enough to travel the world.  Eventually retire and live off kickbacks from my awesome album.  I wouldn’t go full emo though so don’t worry.

Ricky Bynight- You went to Bishops and I remember that I side-stepped you in one inter-house rugby game only to be tackled just short of the line by someone else. How did that make you feel? *Ricky Bynight pretends to answer a call and hurries outside*

Well Ricky I don’t remember the incident but I was carrying an injury round that time.  That’s probably why.  Unlucky not scoring.

Kreg- That was weird. Anyways. Do you have any pre-game superstitions like wearing the same lucky unwashed underwear? (I hope its not this one)

Haha! It’s definitely not that one!  I can’t say I have any superstitions, don’t really believe in that stuff.  But I do have a couple of habits.  I’m always paranoid about forgetting to take my gum guard onto the field so I tuck it into my sock as soon as I get changed and keep it there till the match starts.  Sorry, I’m sure you were expecting more.

Ricky Bynight comes back in from answering his “phonecall”

MCBN- Now for a final question, one that we all just need to have answered.

Would you rather be forced to wear Allan Donald/Andrew Symmonds style white sunscreen across your nose and under your eyes for 5 games regardless of whether the matches were during the day or at night or how utterly ridiculous it would look?


Or instead be forced to initiate a break-dancing rendition of the robot everytime you or a team mate scored during the season? Keep in mind that you’ll have Habana in your team next season

I will break that sh#t!  My robot is mean.  It doesn’t come out to often but when it does, you’ll know about it!  Usually need a few dops to build up some Dutch courage

MCBN- Its been a pleasure chatting to you Francois, best of luck for the future we hope to see you in the green and gold soon!

Thanks guys!  Always good catching up.  Cheers

For more information about Francois, Rugby, Cape Town and just about everything else thats hip and happening, check out his site at

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  1. LEGEND! crime he didnt go to europe. been at almost every game at newlands this year and have let some freaky noises out when he's got the ball. proudly from the cape 🙂

  2. Huge crime Stroob, but in the near future we should see him in the green and gold:) Quite amped to see him throw down the robot haha

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