Interview with El Gordo


We managed to catch up with local dj extraordinare El Gordo for a little chat. Most of you have heard him banging out the filthiest beats in the hottest venues around Cape Town and we wanted to find out a little bit more about the man behind the music…

MyCityBynight- So… El Gordo, for a guy that does not remotely look Spanish or Mexican, thats a fairly interesting name… How did you come up with it?

El Gordo: My friends did, it was a nickname they gave me a while back when I was a fat lazy bastard, in Spanish it means ‘the fat one.’ You’d also be surprised how much a moustache and some summer sun licking can change appearances 🙂

MCB- How long have you been dj’ing for?

El Gordo: 10 years now, when I moved from vinyl to CDJ a year ago was when I decided to try get into the industry.

MCB- For all those people who don’t already know… What type of music do you play?

El Gordo: Minimal & Techno or Electro/Nu-disco & Breaks.

MCB- I assume that being a super-talented and decent-looking dj in Cape Town affords you certain “perks”… Do you have any groupies? No need to mention names.

El Gordo: Haha, depends where you play really. Different clubs draw different crowds, where some girls tend to have fewer inhibitions than others… I’m yet to meet one I would take home to the moms, so thank god I don’t live at home eh 🙂

MCB- Besides dj-ing and burning the countless love letters you receive… What is your day job?

El Gordo: Full time student doing Copywriting at Vega Brand college. It’s safe to say my hands are full as f*ck.

MCB- What has been your most memorable DJ set to date and why?

El Gordo: Arcades’ Abracadabra at Earthdance. The sheer proportions of the stage, sound rig and crowd were unlike any I’ve participated in thus far. I was first on the lineup, so I knew any music would gather a curious crowd of hungry ears, but I had the job to make them stay. When I finished people screamed for more, which made me a happy chap to say the least.

MCB- What is your favourite track right now?

El Gordo: 16 Bit Lolitas – Destiny.mp3

MCB- Where can we expect to see you play in the near future?

El Gordo: Fiction, Chevelle, Bang Bang, Assembly all in the next month… The Synergy party out in Boschendal from November 27th -29th is going to be a monster.

MCB- Lastly, Pink or Brown? (we’re referring to cake icing of course)

El Gordo: Which ever is on offer, so long as the cake is fresh.


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