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Growing up on the perilous streets of Jo-Burg’s inner city, Deleriant was thrust into a malevolent scourge of survival. Where others were consumed by the soiled urban jungle, this trance master existed on a diet of dead rats, expired Mentos and thumping bass lines. There is no doubting that his injection into the Capetonian scene has seen repercussions resulting in twisted faces, sore feet and an upswing in general tom-foolery. We managed to catch up with this dance floor celebrity and pick his brain regarding his sudden surge of success.

MCBN: If Heat magazine had a psy-trance edition there’s little doubt in our mind that you would be a foldout centerfold, maybe even with your own fragrance. This recent fame increase has not only resulted in an international booking, but various gigs around our rainbow nation. How has this not managed to get to your head? And are you one of those brothers who covers their head with a jacket around paparazzi?

Deliriant:Haha – my own fragrance, interesting. I’m not really the big-headed type; I’m grateful for all the opportunity that’s been sent my way, but I try not to let it get to my head. And luckily no paparazzi for me either!

MCBN: Onto some serious journalism for a second… if you combined an animal with a super power what would you be?

Deliriant: Mmm probably some sort of bird that could turn into a human, so I could fly around but still be a DJ. Drinking and driving would be a thing of the past.

MCBN: No seriously… playing all over the country must have afforded you some truly rocking events. Which one stands out in your mind as the one you’ll tell your great grandkids about?

Deliriant: New Years Vortex back in 2006/07 (I think). I played to a massive dance floor at 3am after the countdown and people were going completely mental. I was also quite new to the scene and very lucky to get such a nice time slot, which made it even more intense. Two others that stand out are the spring Fu-cha party of 2009 as well as my recent gig in Portugal.

MCBN: You have played in and around Cape Town and JHB, how does “The Mother City” and “The Creepy Uncle City” differ? Buffalos and wife beaters the norm up there or are we stereotyping again?

Deliriant: Hmm there are definitely more ‘shweet okes’ here than hippies in CT, but the vibe is pretty peaceful at Joburg parties. I think JHB parties are still growing and definitely have huge potential – the big ones like Fu-cha are completely on par with CT in terms of venue / rig / artists etc. but people are still learning about the scene here, which can take a while. One big difference is that the dance floor in JHB will empty out quite a bit in the daytime on Sunday, while in CT that’s when the party’s only just beginning. So in that sense, people in CT seem a bit more chilled about making it to work on Monday (or maybe they just don’t have work on Monday), but other than that the vibe is just as friendly.

MCBN: You’ve been working on a side project “Deadbeat FM” with your mate Piers, things seem to be taking off quiet nicely with a signed record deal with the LOT 49 (UK). Give us a little bit of background of what Deadbeat is all about. Oh and Congrats on the signing!

Deliriant: Thanks. Piers is a good friend of mine, and was an up and coming DJ in Joburg who knew a few promoters around town. When I moved back here we started DJing together, playing wherever and whatever we could, until a mutual love for tech house developed, and Deadbeat FM was formed. These days we’re getting booked pretty regularly for some big parties, and we also have a residency at a weekly party called Technology. On the production side, Lot49 (a UK record label with artists like Meat Katie, Kid Blue etc) held a competition where anyone could submit a piece of music, and they would choose the best 14 of the bunch to be released on a New Lot compilation a few months later. There were over 1500 entries and we somehow managed to place in the top 14. Since then the track has been released internationally and is doing well for itself on Beatport and such sites. We are hoping to see a remix of the track by Kid Blue, as well as doing a remix of one his tracks all to be released on an EP later this year. We are also hoping for some Cape Town bookings in the future. You can check out for both of our Lot49 submissions, as well as some mix demos.

MCBN: What do you think of other producers branching out into different genres and who do you think has done it the best in recent times (You can say DeadBeat FM if you want)?

Deliriant: I think its cool, especially seeing that some of the older well known psy trance acts are making really good tech at the moment. GMS have created Riktam & Bansi and Freakulizer is now Khainz, and they’re both making a lot of killer tracks. My best is a good combination between the two genres, which Iboga Records seem to have down to a tee. Perfect Stranger, Quantize & Ace Ventura are good examples. Asides from techno, another group that springs to mind is Jam Jar – Kieran from Biorhythm with Baker as the MC. They make a good combo.

MCBN: OK so I know trying to answer this question is comparable to making out with your sister, but we whore ourselves out to our fans and they must know! What are your top three tracks at the moment??

Deliriant: Haha ya, difficult one.. but probably:

Shift – Crash

Mantis – Dark Planet

And a perfect example of the psy tech combo I mentioned above:

Weekend Heroes – Sidewinder (Ace Ventura Remix)

MCBN: If you could DJ back to back with anyone, local, international, dead or alive (yet to be born even, cause you know I was spinning some jacking thrash core in the womb ), who would it be?

Deliriant: Also a tough one, but probably Absolum.

MCBN: Besides it being blatantly obvious that MC Hammer has influenced your dancing style, which other artists have inspired you in a musical sense?

Deliriant: Absolum, Azax Syndrom, Digital Talk, Painkiller, Bliss, Concept, Lost & Found, Shift, Twisted System, Brethren/Tickets/Phyx, Rabdom L, Artifakt, Slug.

MCBN: What equipment is forming the foundation for the unmistakable Deliriant sound? Cause I’ve been messing with a couple of banjos, a ukulele and the voice of a castrated 9 year old boy, and I just cant seem to crack it!

Deliriant: Haha, I’d be interested to hear that. I use a dual core PC, Cubase SX 3, Rokit KRK 6s and some VSTs like Albino, Predator etc. I also have a Virus TI Desktop which I use to make most of my sounds.

MCBN: Sadly we’ve lost you back to the dark den of South Africa, but you often return back to the cape, when can we look forward to seeing you on a trance floor again?

Deliriant: You mean Joburg right? Unfortunately I had to turn down a few gigs in April because I won’t be in SA at the time, but I’ll definitely be back soon!

MCBN: We have just seen Deliriant arrive back from a trip to Portugal (sweeeeeet), how was that party for you and how does the international scene compare to our local PSY jols? Any other international gigs coming out we should know about?

Deliriant: It was a cool party – smallish, but a nice crowd! The people were friendly and I got a very similar vibe to our local scene. I just wished I could’ve hung around for a bit longer, I basically went straight from the party to the airport, which was interesting to say the least. I’m going to Australia for about 3 weeks in April which should be a bit less of a rush, and then back to Portugal in September to play at the Azores Islands.

MCBN: Finally the dreaded MCBN would you rather question. Would you rather form part of an underground Emo band called “My tears taste like rainbows” with Rawbs on drums and Grieve on air guitar, or would you rather donate one of your testicles to the Thailand institute for cross-gender surgery research?

Deliriant: The emo band, no doubt about it.

Shane its been a pleasure. Cant wait to do something I’ll regret on a dancefloor you’re playing on soon! Go check out his fanpage over here (DELIRIANT) and listen to some of his sick tracks he has made


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