Interview with Dean Fuel

Dean Fuel

In the history of the world, certain individuals have had a proliferating effect on vital causes. Ghandi was all over world peace, Hugh Hefner brought exposed double D breasts to the general public and Dean FUEL helped revolutionise dance music to what we see around us in Cape Town today. The literal “golden boy” of the Mother City’s clubbing scene has been making speakers bleed and women weak since I was bunking choir practise. So what better way for us at MCBN to get to know this legend then by sitting him on a surgical table and dissecting his frontal lobe… I mean asking him some questions.

MCBN: So Mr. Fuel, do you mind if I call you Mr. Fuel? ? When and how did this journey start?

Dean: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

The journey began for me on the day I was born! My family is heavily musical, and their influence was always around me! I played various instruments (piano and guitar) and even had a band with friends in High School… Experiencing early rave and trance culture, as well as discovering clubbing led me to be 100% in love with electronic music, and once I made Cape Town my home (about 10 years ago), it wasn’t long before I bought my first turntables, and started spinning!

MCBN: If you could go back to one single event you’ve played at, and almost struggled not to cry its been so awesome, what would it be?

Dean: Tough one… so many to think about! For sheer scale and production – hard to beat the playing inside the Godskitchen Boombox alongside Armin Van Buuren! For crowd interaction, opening for Sasha in Cape Town was incredible. He (Sasha) actually made a special effort to come and hear me play, which was such a sign and stamp of approval – it blew me away! The closing set for infected Mushroom was also a rush – not an easy act to follow, a full psychedelic-rock band followed by just ‘me’ … loved it though!

MCBN: Have you ever thought that glowsticks, white gloves, vapour rub and a pacifier, all at the same time, was a good idea?

Dean: Every damn day! Just depends in what context … think about it!

MCBN: If one day you had a child and it had red hair, do you really think you could ever truly love it?

Dean: A ginger? Sure … why not? Nothing a little peroxide couldn’t fix 😉

MCBN: Your style has become somewhat unmistakeable around our city, so much so that I’m actually starting to see little mini Fuel’s at shopping malls. The long blonde hair, the bright cap, the quirky yet stylish t-shirt (of which I’ve never seen you wear the same one twice) all make up your unique appearance.  In retrospect I think that’s more of a general observation, I’m not quite sure how to put it into a question. So… ever had a threesome?

Dean: What can I say? … I am a cap and t-shirt fanatic… in fact I’m an addict!! I can never have enough!

Have I ever had a threesome? No comment… I have a girlfriend, and she’ll probably read this…

MCBN: Ok, I think its time we had a serious question. How would you describe the style of music you play? I know you play varying styles depending on your crowd and venue, but how do you choose?

Dean: My secret DJ Magic 8 ball … never fails me!

But seriously, it really does just depend on the crowd and energy as to how any set will go.

My style? It’s a fusion of all electronic music, from House to Techno, Psy to Prog, deep and funky through to hard and driving… its difficult to really pin down my style, suffice to say, that it’s MY style  🙂

MCBN: We’ve seen you wet your toes with a bit of production over the years. How’s this going and will there ever be place for a fully Fuelled album?

Dean: But of course… stay tuned!! At this stage though I have set up a new studio in my apartment, and am getting to grips with it! I just need to try find some extra time in the day to spend focused on the music production side of life… it’s a HUGE future goal of mine!

MCBN: If you could pick one track that used to inspire you, one track that currently rocks your boat and one track that will forever have a place in your heart, could you kindly do so now.

Dean: Inspiration: Leftfield – Open Up

Rocks my boat: Neelix –  Chainsaw

Forever in my heart: Age of Love – Age of Love

MCBN: If you could hit any person on the planet who would it be? Please note that answers such as “no one, I’m really not a violent person” will not be taking kindly to round these parts.

Dean: The Digital Divas … spank their bottoms with my paddle! … Maybe that Ronald MacDonald guy … what a clown!

MCBN: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while playing?

Dean: I’ve seen a stripper bare it all, and not even while in a strip club, but at a massive Fez street party… she was just a guest, who then proceeded to strip down and flash her va-jay-jay to the entire crowd… man, I love being a DJ 🙂

MCBN: Finally the dreaded MCBN “Would you rather…” question. So would you rather bob for apples in a barrel of rotting fish chum, or play a remix of “I’m too sexy for my shorts”, while wearing a pink tutu and no undies in a dingy gay club?

Dean: Haven’t you ever see me play at MCQP??? … For the past 5 years I’ve played “I’m too sexy for my shorts”, while wearing a pink tutu and no undies!!! It’s a real showstopper!

Well thank you kindly for your time dearest sir, we shall endeavour to participate in some dancefloor antics with you in the not-to-distant future!

Dean: Awesome… I look forward to it!

Don’t forget to check out my website ( , and facebook fan page ( and also make sure you tune into me every Friday night on Goodhope FM between 10pm and 11pm!

Armin and Dean

Armin Van Buuren and Dean Fuel

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  1. No thank YOU Mr Fuel…

    Awesome interview…

    Age Of Love is one of the most classic tunes ever:)

    See you on the DanceFloor soon…

  2. Great answers sir, thank you, was a privelage!

    Age of Love is one of the most quintessential dance tracks of all time. i challenge anyone who considers themselves a real fan not to have had their hands firmly in the air circa 2000 when that dropped. even bloody TDV did a remix didnt he?

    Cant believe youd love a red head tho, thats just plain out of line!

  3. Awesome interview, dude…..nice to see fresh questions….and even fresher answers! Nothing like adding fuel to the fire!

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