Interview | Who is LOBEL?


1) danalog is a house hold name in the Techno scene (and Psytrance for those who were around back then). What made you change to Lobel?

It’s something that has been brewing for a long time. I’ve been writing a lot of music that doesn’t quite fit under the Danalog belt and the time felt right to give birth to something new. My work as Danalog has taken on its own shape and form and i’ve been fortunate enough to get some strong love from the Cape Town scene. This will by NO means stop, I still love playing house and techno and I’m feeling really inspired by the health of our dance scene and my involvement in it.

Lobel is a new platform that lets me take on a different form of creativity and self expression as a musician.

2) What is the Lobel project all about, and how has it changed from the danalog we know all to well.

Lobel is a medium in which i can be more free and flexible as an artist. Its a lot more personal and lets me further express who I am. For a long time i felt tied down by the limits and traditional formulas that come with making dance music and Lobel lets me break away from that.

This project is about inspiration, having fun, and simply just writing whatever the fuck I feel like without any rules. It can get really frustrating trying to always write music that has to “work” on a dance floor, and i found myself throwing away a lot of great tunes and ideas purely because they weren’t dance floor worthy enough. Not having to always think about this and letting your music run wild is so liberating and leads you to some special creative moments. Danalog is purely about making people dance and that’s how it will stay.

Lobel is it’s own entity and a lot more eclectic as you have probably already noticed.

3)If you could classify your sound into a genre how would you describe it?

To be honest the whole point is to not have to pigeon hole Lobel into any genre. I have been writing a lot of music which I will be revealing and musically its all across the board with tempos ranging from 70bpm up tp 160bpm. Generally speaking the music is a lot more organic and emotional but don’t be fooled there are a some nastier tracks too, all of which pull on influences from across the genre spectrum. I want to keep pushing my own boundaries with this project and see where it takes me.

4) Tell us about the video.

I teamed up with my talented friend Gerard Olivier who shot and created the video and who was (what I like to call) the art director for the EP.

The video features myself in my home studio writing music and the city views are visions and thoughts in my head which inspire the tune. Many dance music video’s shot in Cape Town show an overly idyllic version of the city. Like Table Mountain and beautiful, plastic, happy people at the beach. This video is more of a “impressionistic” vision of Cape Town. Nothing is pushed or denied, it’s just the things I see in my daily life.

I really love the scenes that Gerard captured and feel that it all lends itself to the tune perfectly. This guy has been my secret weapon for a while now and is making some serious waves internationally with his videography, designs and of course his music. Don’t sleep.

4)What does the future hold for Lobel?

For now, just writing A LOT of music and planning on putting it out quickly. I’m In contact with a few different record labels, but i will NOT be compromising my sound and ideas and let labels mould me. So i’m being very picky about which direction I take. There are some incredible sites like Bandcamp which let you do everything independently. I strongly believe that this is the future for artists and their music, and I highly recommend people to check it out as there is some incredible music out there and supports the artist directly. All in all, I’m just having fun with this project and excited to show more of what its about and watch it unfold.

5)Where can we see this new brand play over the next few weeks? We’re very excited about this new project.

I’ll be doing a little set at The Honey Badger (91 Loop Street) this Friday evening. Calvin Dely (AKA Spaceman) is doing a very cool weekly sundown/pre-drink vibe evry Friday. So i’ll be spinning some tunes from the EP as well as unreleased stuff. So come check it out. But for now, i’ll be keeping the Lobel shows to a minimum and putting the focus more into the studio.

6) Tell us a joke…

“Richie Hawtin walks into a bar….

…loops it for 4 hours.”

— Tiesto

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